Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding aisle decorations: Pinwheels

One project I finished this week was paper pinwheels to hang off of chairs at the ceremony (it's outside, so I'm hoping they blow around in the wind). This is a grainy cell phone picture from when they were not quite yet done - sorry! I will have better pictures after the wedding (I don't want any guests to see the full effect yet :) )

They were as easy and inexpensive as wedding decorations can get. Scrapbooking paper at Michael's was 4 for $1 one week (I saw 5 for $1 once), and I just picked up a whole bunch in orange, yellow, red (fall colors) and purple (my wedding color). Folded them like accordions, cut them to the size I wanted (or combined two of the pieces) and stuck everything together with double sided tape. I used a single hole punch to make them unique. If someone wants a tutorial, I can do one, but they are super easy and satisfyingly pretty!


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