Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Binding Psychic

Is it bad when you can easily estimate how much time it will take you to hand sew the back of binding onto a quilt? Haha. Maybe that's just part of being a quilter. I just finished my approximately queen size (final measurements and reveal post forthcoming) Made in Cherry purple quilt, and at the beginning, I told an interested friend, "oh, maybe 4 hours for the binding."

(sorry for the bad lighting - there's not a lot of sun today!)

I couldn't have timed it better. I did about an hour a few days ago while watching One Day (awesome book, pretty good movie!) and last night I went to babysit. I started binding at 8 and finished at 11:30, literally 2 minutes before the parents walked in. Okay, so there was an extra half hour in there - I'll have to add that in next time for all the potential thread tangling and changing =P Also, I was watching Wall-E, so I stopped for long periods of time to watch the cuteness unfolding... so maybe it WAS more like 4 hours.

And it's been in the dryer, and now it's drying, and soon there will be a label, and soon there shall be pictures and much warmth (which is actually necessary because we're having a little cool spell here in NJ) :)


  1. Sounds like a great evening! Love Wall-E:) Gorgeous quilt!

  2. You obviously bind much more quickly than I do -- a single bed quit take me longer than that!

  3. It will get quciker each time you do it too.


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