Saturday, August 11, 2012

Three developments in my sewing room...

I've clearly been hit with both a decent amount of time on my hands, and a will to get sewing things done. I love it! I usually don't force myself to sew because I want to enjoy it; I always just work on what I feel like working on. It works well for me, except that I have an ungodly pile of WIPS and UFOS that I don't even want to start to share right now.

However... today I finished the top of my wedding quilt!! You know, the rainbow dresdens?

Well, it's done after being in progress for two years (since we got engaged), and I can't wait to share - but I think I'm going to wait until closer to the wedding, when I'm sharing other weddingy crafty things. Mostly because this baby won't be done until early next year (most likely) because guests will be signing 6 inch squares of fabric for the backing, which will be our guestbook!

(okay, here's a sneak peek)

I also started quilting my big purple quilt (finally) (seriously, it's been sitting around for about three months, just waiting).  And I love it so far. I'm not one to practice FMQ too much; I just kind of go with it. I'm also not a perfectionist and I KNOW some of the leaves are off... but I don't care. It's my quilt and I'm so excited to get it done!

Which brings me to my most exciting piece of news... we got the apartment we wanted and will be moving in beginning/middle of September! Which means I need to finish the purple quilt for the couch =D And I'm going to set up my own sewing corner - I can't wait!


  1. Cant wait to see the wedding quilt top! And that purple on! I have the fabric readt to make a purple and blue swoon for my sisters wedding. I need to do some serious cutting next week so I can get it pieced and quilted before her Nov wedding! I go back to work on the 20th, summer is too short!

  2. I love all your Dresdens and your idea for the back is going to be aweSOME!! So thrilled for you and your soon to be hubby and your new place together!! You sound very happy!

  3. Everything is coming together -- how exciting!


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