Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Flying Purple People Eater" - A Finished (Enormous) Quilt

My Made in Cherry in purple and gray is finally finished! My very first quilt that is ALL FOR ME, and it's queen sized - the largest quilt I've made thus far. The happy feeling I have is indescribable at the present time, so hopefully some pictures will explain:

It has allll of my favorite purple fabrics - we're talking Central Park, Aviary 2, Love, Innocent Crush, Terrain, Tufted Tweets, and oodles more (but mostly those). I have been collecting them for 2 years, waiting for the right pattern to come along. Then, I pieced the quilt during the Made in Cherry QAL at Pins and Bobbins earlier this year.

It took me fooooorever to decide how to quilt it (I like to be inspired rather than force it), and I came up with the leaves idea, guided by the squares. My sister Ris pointed out that, between the petals, there are stars! Can you see that? I love it! Didn't plan that! (better pictures of this below, on backing) (ironically, my friend Rebecca just posted some similarly quilted petals too!).

The loops and squiggles in the blank space was on a whim, and I decided not to heavily quilt it.

Ris being a goof, but that's totally normal :)

I'm super in love with the back, too - so much, in fact, that I might just use the back as a front once in a while. I used tons of Kona Cottons, and scraps, along with one of my all time favorite purple prints by Lourdes Sanchez ("Botanica" line). That is one of those fabric lines that I have a deep *need* for... what can I say, I'm a quilter, right?!

Mini star in the middle, to go with the front. You can see the quilting really well on the solids, and the stars they made between them!

My favorite part of the backing (sorry for a little blur) and the scrappy binding. The solids section  took a LOT longer to piece than anticipated, but it was very "freeing."
And, a label to finish it off! Whew! (yes I know it's a bit sideways but I like the charm :) ) If you want to see the reason behind the title - check out this post.

This quilt will happily travel with me to my first apartment with my fiance in a few short weeks!

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  1. Really, Jess, all I can say is "wow!" I love it!

  2. That's turned out real nice. I do like the back, especially the Ohio start thrown in for good measure :)

  3. haha, a beautiful quilt with a FABULOUS name! great work!

  4. This is really gorgeous! Great job!

  5. Really pretty and perfectly named!!

  6. I absolutely adore this quilt. :) I'm definitely going to have to make myself one when I collect enough scraps in the same color family.

  7. What a great finish! I still have to quilt mine. Yours is beautiful, love the purple and the grey

  8. this is freaking awesome...i think i love the back as much as you....oh the front is cool too!!!

  9. This is wonderful! The back and the front are amazing. SWEET JOB

  10. How perfect! You did such a great job of picking out your fabrics! The lightly quilted texture will make it nice and fluffy.

  11. The quilt is beautiful. Congrats on a finish after saving for it for so long!

  12. What a stunning quilt! Love all those gorgeous purple fabrics you chose. The quilting is just beautiful too!

  13. So, I just saw this in a round up over at On the Windy Side, and I wanted to tell you how much I love it!


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