Saturday, October 31, 2015

Handmade Halloween 2: Butterfly

Working at a preschool gives me the perspective of Halloween from 15 grinning faces (every day from the moment October 1 hits). Halloween naturally becomes THE topic of conversation at lunch. One girl was proud to tell me her costume for next year - I wish I had those kind of planning skills! Anyway, I found it fun to make them guess what I'm going to be for Halloween.

I wanted to make my costume from scratch, and I wanted it to be cheap but reusable. The link to this Buggy and Buddy butterfly wing tutorial popped up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and I knew I had found my costume. I didn't change the measurements at all from the kid size; I just extended the elastic. To decorate the felt background, I cut out pink, light purple, and white two at a time and appliqued them with my sewing machine (I skipped the glue step and used pins). The costume cost about $7, including the black elastic on sale! Plus, it only took a couple of hours to put together!

I fixed my hair in pigtails to mimic antennae since I didn't find it financially smart to buy a cheap pair from Target for another $3. I'm really happy with this costume because it's well-made, it will last for a long time for dress up (for my future kids), it's easy and fast to put on, and it garnered the awe of a couple hundred preschoolers. ;)

I posted a very quick scope on Periscope of me running around in my costume/explaining it (you can see it here on Katch). You can also read about my cupcake costume from last year (fabric scraps were essential!).

Happy Halloween!!


  1. I may need to do something like this for myself next year...I need an easy, fun costume that doesn't make me feel like the lame boring Mom, haha. You look great dressed up like a butterfly!

  2. This is really a very nice costume.
    You look wonderful in it, and I know the kids loved it.
    You will be a fun mom one day, I used to make some much cool stuff with my two daughters.
    One year we went crazy and decided to enter the community Halloween Contest. Christina was 7, she was a Christmas tree, that was hard to make and involved chart paper, and that rolled up paper you could buy at Micheals and unroll it and make bows and other clutter. I made huge green flaps... and then we decorated the tree with plastic balls, Christina wore the tree topper as a hat. Lizzies costume was really easy, she was a Christmas present, she was only 4, so basically a box covered and marvelous Christmas paper and a bow for a hat. Both girls looks hilarious I mean it was so cute and silly. I have photos somewhere in a box, just so fun. We did it all ourselves togetther.
    we won the contest....... that was pretty cool. What did we win? a small pumpkin with the stem broken off.
    We didn't care. It was the idea and the making that was the best
    So your butterfly costume turned out really wonderful.

    1. sorry about the typos. I just rolled out of bed :-D

  3. How fun!! Love the purple tights too!! Did the kids enjoy it?


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