Saturday, October 24, 2015

BQF: Tomorrow Night Mini Quilt

My second entry for this fall's Blogger's Quilt Festival is "Tomorrow Night," a mini quilt I lovingly made last year for my younger sister's birthday. It's based on the painting scene from the animated Disney movie Tangled (and yes, we are both adults, and we love it!). :) The movie tells the story of Rapunzel and how she gets out of her tower (it's quite different from the traditional story).

Rapunzel paints a picture of herself watching the lanterns glow on her birthday night. 

I chose to share this mini quilt again because my sister and I love it so much. With the addition of LOTS of free motion quilting, the scene really came to life. I had a blast deciding how to quilt the trees differently, how to applique and quilt Rapunzel's hair, how to make the lanterns glow, etc.

"Tomorrow night, the lights will appear, just like they do on my birthday each year." I quilted some of the song into the quilt, as you can see on my original blog post.

And here she (left) is when I gave it to her on her birthday:

And here it is hanging in her new dorm room a couple weeks ago:

I can't wait to make another mini for her this November, based on the movie Frozen!! Stay tuned!

Quilt Stats
Size: 20 x 27 (larger than I anticipated!)
Quilted: By me on my Janome Memory Craft 6300
Techniques: Applique, free motion quilting, improv curve piecing
Finished: November 2014, original post here.

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2015 
Please enjoy the Blogger's Quilt Festival, the largest and loveliest quilt show on the internet! I've entered this quilt into the Art Quilt Category because I used several different techniques and it's based on a piece of artwork!

See my first entry into this year's festival right here (ROYGBIV/rainbow category).
My past Blogger's Quilt Festival entries:
Fall 2014 (nominated for Viewer's Choice)
Spring 2012 (First Place in Baby Quilt Category)


  1. This is super fun and beautiful quilt and I'm happy to see it again! I think we should show now and then also older quilts. It's sad that so many awesome quilts are shown only once in our blogs. x Teje

  2. Very fun piece. I love that you actually made a screen shot of the movie - great work.

  3. Love it!!! What a special gift for your sister!!!

  4. Beautiful and it looks so much like the painting in the movie!

  5. I missed the original, so glad you have submitted this! Great job! I love the story as well as your great work on this!

  6. I love this so much! Tangled is probably my favorite out of the "new" batch of Disney Movies. :)

  7. Love it! So want to make a quilt based off this painting too. Since we've both entered in the Art Quilt category, may the odds be ever in your favor. ;-) :-*


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