Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nearly Wordless WIP Wednesday

Scrap piecing is good for the soul.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday.

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  1. I totally need to bring wordless wednesdays back to my blog! It's fun to share a peek without typing up a ton and linking to all over the internet.

  2. Looking really great! Love that butterfly fabric.

  3. love them, I have been saving up scraps - reminds me I must form a plan.

  4. I love that butterfly fabric. Your blocks look faantastic!

  5. Love the fabric choices. Guess I need to refresh my soul, haven't been doing much quilting lately as my machine has been blocked in my quilts going to fire victims! I can see it today!!!

  6. Totally love seeing the fabrics playing together on the bed!! Looks like my own! Such a lovely quilt, with so much movement & emotion!

  7. I love that first picture. I don't have nearly enough rich, true/kelly green in my stash. Loving those butterflies. I don't have any of them... yet. :-)


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