Saturday, January 24, 2015

Teaching updates

This summer, I'll be teaching my Orange Peels and Improv class again at Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington, NJ! I really can't wait to teach this again. I wanted to give my readers a heads up in case you are in the area and interested. Space is limited to 8 people, and registration is open! I added an extra hour to the second session so students could spend more time creating their improv panels.

Orange Peels and Improv
7 Tree Farm Road, Pennington, NJ, 08534 
Monday, July 13, 7-9 and Monday, July 27, 6-9
A class in two sessions (you sign up for both)

 I'm also super excited to teach a modified version of this class at Mid-Atlantic Mod in April. It's sold out, and I believe the retreat is as well. One of my goals this year is to develop another class to teach besides Orange Peels and my Gentle Improv Waves Technique + Pillow class. The descriptions of these classes, as well as the lectures I offer, are all available on my Teaching and Speaking page.

Today, I received my business cards! Yay! I ordered them primarily so I could give them out at QuiltCon. I'll also bring them to all the sewing events I'll be at this year. I chose my orange peels to represent me, and a pretty orange-peel like rainbow design to complement it.

I'm finally feeling better after more than a week, so I've been sewing up a storm (plus, we were snowed in). I'll have plenty to share this coming week!


  1. Your business cards look great and represent you well. Congratulations on your teaching schedule; that is an aspect I have not worked on myself and I think it is an awesome way to interact with other quilters.

  2. I love seeing your business cards (even though I KNOW I'll be getting one next month!), they are so different from what I did! It's probably a good thing I hadn't seen anyone else's to speak of so that I wouldn't be influenced by their design. I chose not to include my phone number, because honestly I don't want people to call me out of the blue about quilts, haha. Friends, sure that is fine, but random folks I give my cards to seems weird. We live in the digital age and I'd rather spend the time to reply via email to inquiries than try to talk while the kids are screaming (which they inevitably do while I'm on the phone). I think once I have some business to sell I'll include my number though. So glad you are getting more teaching opportunities! The new class sounds like fun!

  3. It looks like you may get snowed in again. Hope things don't get too bad for you. And, I love the new business cards!

  4. Great design on the business cards, they look really professional! And congratulations on the classes! That's so exciting!


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