Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Sorbetto Top

If you follow me on Instagram (@quiltyhabit), you may have seen me "overgramming" (posting constantly) throughout the process of making my first handmade top this week! I was so apprehensive in the beginning and for a long time before this week, but the desire to make some handmade garments for QuiltCon and all the fun sewing events to come this year overcame me. It all came together fairly quickly though - within two days! On the first day, I made two muslins to get the width and length of the top right. The next day, I dove right into cutting up my dearly hoarded Cotton and Steel lawn (the print is Truly Outrageous in Grey by Rashida Coleman Hale).

The first time I saw this fabric, I knew it had to be a top! And I did NOT plan for the gems to line up so perfectly on that front pleat! I decided I probably won't wear it without the belt - I just love it too much with it on! Here's the back (without it):

If you are a quilter or prospective sewist who has no garment sewing experience, such as myself, I highly recommend starting with a very easy pattern. The Sorbetto Top pattern is free, very clear, and simple. I learned how to do all of the following things within a span of 2 days:
  • read a garment pattern (well, at least for now! This one makes sense :) )
  • make bias tape (I prefer the method outlined here at Seasoned Homemaker)
  • use a bias tape maker
  • do an FBA (full bust adjustment - a very clear, picture-full tutorial here at Sew Mama Sew - did you know many standard garments are made to fit a B cup? That doesn't work for me at all!)
  • sew French seams (I got it right about the third time! This tutorial from Craftsy was the method that made the most sense to me)
  • sew darts(my IG friends were a big help explaining that one!)
  • sew a pleat (that was the easiest of them all, and the pattern was especially clear about that)

I chose to make bias tape out of Cotton and Steel's sparkly Netorious fabric, which I seriously need at least 3 bolts of for my eternal use (I used it in yesterday's post, too!). The sparkle is the perfect touch! Today, I was so excited that I prewashed three of my garment fabrics today in preparation to sew with. YAY! Hopefully, this success means many more to come. The plan right now is to make at least one more Sorbetto Top before QuiltCon (since I have all my measurements right! It will be a bit longer too), and then attempt to make my Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress again. I need to get more muslin for practice though.

I love these sparkly safety pin earrings from Macy's that I bought for Christmas! I'm always looking for great earrings (and if they're sewing related, that's a huge plus). They sell black ones, too, and yes, I bought those, too. :)

Here's my absolutely crazed 10:30 pm Monday night picture of it's-finally-done-omg! I wore it to work the next day and to our guild meeting that night. How nice it was to wear something all day that was super comfortable, pretty, and fit almost perfectly (only the length is still a bit short, even after adding about 6 inches)?

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  1. It looks great on you, and on top of that your smile shows off just and how happy you are! ;) The pleat on the front is freaking awesome, and I love it with the belt, too.

  2. Stunning. I love it and it looks perfect on you. Lengthening is the way to go-six inches is a lot.

  3. It looks so great! I can't believe you added 6 inches, that pattern is crazy. The jewels look so good on the pleat!

  4. You did such a great job sewing it and making all of those adjustments.

  5. Love it! You did such a good job. It is such a pain but makes such a difference to fuss with the muslin(s) in order to be happy with the final result out of the much coveted fabric.

  6. I really like your new top! You did a great job with, well, with Everything! Pretty fabric for top and for bias tape. I may have to try this out too. I haven't done much personal sewing in quite a long time, so thanks for the encouragement to give it a go!

  7. Congratulations on a new top and a new skill! Well done!

  8. Great job! It looks great and it looks great on you. I love that fabric. The close up of the binding armholes looks almost shiny. I need to go shop!

  9. Yes great job! FUnny thing is I learned to sew by sewing clothes and now will only sew on a button if it's on a quilt! LOL!!!!

  10. Congrats on finishing your January ALYOF goal and for learning new things! I love the netorious as bias trim.

  11. it looks so fantastic Jess. Thanks for encouraging all us non-garment makers out there that it is possible :-)

  12. Well done; not so scary after all!

  13. Well done, it looks fab. I might have to give the pattern a go. Thanks for all the tips and links too. I am just learning to see clothes and can use all the help I can get.

  14. Nice! This is so inspiring to me that I want to make one too :)

  15. Great job, Jess! What a great accomplishment! There's nothing like wearing something that you made yourself.

  16. Looks beautiful...well done! I love the fabric you chose and it looks great on you.


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