Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Goal

This month, I'm prepping to go to QuiltCon! (!!!!!!) Among a few other things, I want to make at least one shirt to wear. I have been stocking up on apparel fabric for a year now (yes, I have a problem) (and there were some really good sales) so it's time to really try.

 First, I'm going to make the free Sorbetto top by Colette Patterns with the gemstone lawn by Cotton and Steel. I seriously LOVED that fabric the moment I saw it - it's begging to be a shirt, right? If that's successful, I hope to make another with one of the other pictured fabrics before QuiltCon. Then, I'd like to go back to making my Socialite Dress with AMH purple voile. I received this book for my birthday from my MIL, and hopefully it will help me with reading and adjusting patterns. I'm excited to dive into the world of the unknown, but I'm predominantly pretty apprehensive. It's semi-unknown territory, but I keep trying to think about it like this: I dove into quilting learning from tutorials on the internet and knowing just the basics of machine sewing. If I could learn that, I can learn this, right?

January goal in progress. The fabric is out. :D

A Lovely Year of Finishes


  1. Oh, you can do this! I'm sure if you get stuck at all there will be lots of help and advice on IG. Have fun! I need to work on some patches for my AlterEgo outfit this month... :)

  2. Oh good luck! One of my goals this year is to sew some clothes too. Will follow your progress with interest!

  3. Overacheiver. :D I'm going to have enough trouble keeping up with normal stuff, let alone sew cute tops! So you can be the super cute one, and I'll just be super excited in my normal clothes. :D

  4. Woohoo! I've been collecting apparel fabric that long too and only made one top so...yeah I get ya. SO EXCITED for the quiltcon prep! Planning to get my flights booked tomorrow, whoop! I'll email you with details.

  5. That is a great pattern and will look wonderful in that fabric.

  6. Good Luck hon! we can match at MOD (when I make my staple dress out of the gem fabrics). I love that coneflower fabric, that will make a stunning garment. Also C+S rayon... just sayin' :p


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