Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Roulette: A Mini Quilt

Last night at our January CJMQG meeting, we celebrated the holidays and held our annual Secret Quilter Gift Exchange. 19 members signed up to make something for a secret partner. It's my favorite meeting of the year! I love creating something for one special person in the guild.

 This year, my secret partner was Linda B. She loves blue and green, and her Pinterest board told me she likes the look of modern traditional quilts and low volume. I had already been playing with log cabins for this pillow - thus, a new log cabin creation was born. It doesn't help that there's a #scrappylogcabinqal on Instagram - I'm hooked!

I call this mini "Roulette" because of the quilting - circles and spokes, like a game of roulette. I was craving a different kind of circular pattern than a spiral from the middle. I put my walking foot to work for all of the quilting. I marked the lines but not the circles; I just went for it and it worked out! It's nice when that happens. :D It's bound in gray/black Pearl Bracelets, some solid gray, and sparkly Netorious from Cotton and Steel (I use this fabric all the time and just bought another yard last night. And before you scold me - I had a birthday gift card :) I seriously can't get enough of that sparkle!).


On the back, I combined two blue prints that seemed to go nicely together. I paired them with two somewhat-invisible corners so Linda can hang it up easily.

I also gifted Linda almost all of my leftover Soul Blossoms scraps (Amy Butler) that I had from a fat quarter bundle - my very first fat quarter bundle, actually. She was going to buy some from me, but then I received her as a partner - it was too perfect! She loved her gift! Check out what Kathleen H. made me:

I'm in love! A pouch for all of my notions (I believe it's the Sew Together bag by SewDemented)! I'll use it at our guild sewcial/sewing day on Sunday, and of course, at QuiltCon!! Purple and Dear Stella... she knows what I like! Thank you so much, Kathleen! :)

She sewed FOUR ZIPPERS for me! I feel honored. We had a big joke going last night about who had the most zippers sewn for them and how much love that meant. Lol. :)

Here's Diamond in the Rough, my mini quilt for Amy last year (and what she made me!). I love the family we've created in our guild. :) I'm excited to announce that I was voted President again for this year (I ran against myself, but still excited)! I have so many ideas and plans for our guild - I can't wait to get together with our board and plan for the year. While I'm on the topic... have you seen my post about Why You Should Visit Your Modern Quilt Guild?

Sneak peek - my first garment is done!! More later this week. Euphoria! (P.S. There's that Netorious fabric again as bias tape... it's a disease, I tell you. Those Cotton and Steel ladies know what they're doing.)

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  1. This mini is lovely! The colors and fabrics all work really well together, and the quilting turned out great! Love the lines with the circles.

  2. I love the mini and I have also been drawn into the scrappylogcabinQAL on Instagram!

  3. Found you from the Needle & Thread Thursday linkup. Great quilt and I'm loving your blog!

  4. What a great mini and you definitely got lots of love with 4 (!!) zippers. You look so happy and great in the quick snap of your finished top. Oh - and congratulations on being voted back in as president of your guild. You've had a pretty awesome week from the sounds of it. :)

  5. Perfect name for your mini! Its so pretty!
    Love the bag too. I just finished the Bionic Gear bag...that was a workout!

  6. That is a great mini. I love the colors.

  7. I want to make a mini like yours!!! Looooove the colours!!

  8. What a great post! Your mini is lovely and your guild sounds like a blast! Last year I joined our local modern quilt guild and I love it. It sounds like you guys have as much fun as we do. Great job stepping up to be president.

  9. I especially like the collection of print fabrics in your mini!!

  10. Your mini is fabulous and that bag! Wow, it looks perfect!!

    And about your being voted in president. . . I'd say you had some pretty stiff competition ;) Congrats!

  11. That's such a cute mini AND a cute top. I can't blame you for wanting more of that sparkle, I'd probably have "accidentally" bought extra yardage too.

  12. Great mini and great partner for you as it turns out! Love your fabulous Sew Together pouch too! Many thanks for joining the #scraptastictuesday linkup

  13. Lovely gifts, given and received. And your top looks good!


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