Thursday, November 6, 2014

WIP Thursday

Like last week, this week was dedicated to finishing a most beloved work-in-progress. I feel like I've talked so much about it lately, so I apologize if you are sick of seeing it!

Yesterday I finished the quilting on my mom's king size orange peel quilt, made the binding, and sewed it on. The quilting took about 8 hours spread over three days, and I took many breaks. It takes a lot of power to push a quilt that size through a machine, no matter what the harp space (the space between the needle and the rest of the machine)! I used two huge tables to support the weight of the quilt, plus chip bag clips to fold and hold the quilt together (the latter worked to some extent - what do you use to hold part of a quilt together as you work on the other side?).

Tomorrow, I just have to make the label, sew it on, and bury threads. Luckily, I only have 15 or so threads to bury because I sewed from end to end for the most part. With the size being what it is (90" x 100") and the added weight of some lovely Anna Maria Horner flannel (see in the first picture of this post), it would have been next to impossible to free motion quilt this one. More about all this on the finish post early next week! I've even chosen a name already... guess you'll have to come back and find out. :) And yes... it has something to do with "Scatter."

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  1. See! You totally rocked it, with a few days to spare even! Love that color binding! I've been thinking about flannel backing (it must be the cooler weather) and think I will use it for my sisterhood quilt! So cozy.

  2. this looks like a fun quilt! I like the close-up view, all the scraps and the appliqué leaves. Nice work!

  3. That is beautiful and nice to have it finished up.

  4. How pretty! I love all the text fabric. And the colors are so nice and warm. congrats on a beautiful finish!

  5. I love the color of the binding. Gorgeous colors in the quilt too. Can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Good job! That's a lot of quilt to quilt :)

  7. Oh my goodness! I don't believe you plowed through so much work in just a few days. Congratulations on a beautiful almost-completely-finished quilt!

  8. Oh I am not sick of it at all! Keep it coming---It looks fantastic!

  9. Well done, can't wait to see it finished! Quilting something that size is such a workout. I've tried different clips--chip clips, clothes pins, hair clips, but I've never found anything that works that well, I find they all fall off...oh well! Congrats on finishing the quilting!


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