Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Postcards from Prague" - A Finished Voile Quilt

 *This quilt is on my Finish A Long Quarter 4 list - here are my original goals. I'm linking up to The Littlest Thistle!*

My latest quilt finish is a special one. I bought a fat quarter set of Anna Maria Horner's cotton voile, a lightweight material, from Westwood Acres about a year and a half ago (gahhhh, so long ago), and I decided this summer I was finally going to make something with it, gosh darn it. I supplemented the FQ bundle with some voile yardage from my stash, and I still have fat eighths left of most prints to make something else! Yay!

After pondering and searching Pinterest/blogs for inspiration, I found my friend Debbie's Postcard Quilt-A-Long tutorial. Debbie's quilt is so gorgeous and well done! This quilt design was perfect because it allowed me to show off the gorgeous large prints. You all know I'm a huge fan of pretty much everything Anna Maria Horner makes - so I was itching to really do the prints justice. I decided to mix things up a bit from Debbie's quilt; I changed the line that separates the prints every two columns. You can see above that from left to right, the line color changes from green to black to light gray.

I pieced the backing with a mishmash of AMH voiles that all coordinated nicely together. I originally bought that bottom right pink flower print for an infinity scarf, but I knew I'd get more out of it on the quilt. :) It's filled with bamboo batting by Quilter's Dream. Thanks to all of your suggestions on here and on Instagram, I own the softest quilt in the world! I bound it in a dark purple Free Spirit solid (sorry, I don't know the color) and a couple peeks of Alison Glass's purple Field Day print. I chose quilting cotton for the binding because I think it will hold together better than a voile binding would.

I didn't want to sew on a piece of quilting cotton for the label, so I hand embroidered the binding before I machine sewed it on. I would definitely do this again in the future - although I'm not very fast, so it took more than an hour!

If you've never made an all-voile quilt, it's definitely something for your quilting bucket list! It's the perfect quilt for when you want a quilt but not something too warm or heavy. I've been using it all week and I'm so happy. It was a bit difficult to cut (it's slippery) but use a sharp blade and go slowly - I wrote up more tips for sewing with voile when I first started this project. I actually found it easy (maybe TOO easy) to free motion quilt - I had to slow down a lot. Also, I didn't plan on quilting "densely" but I ended up doing so anyway (like with Breeze) simply because I just love to quilt. It did not make a difference at all in the softness of the final quilt.

I named the quilt "Postcards from Prague" for three reasons: a) the Postcard pattern (see more beautiful versions here) b) Prague is one of my favorite cities in the world and c) it reads very "bohemian" to me.

Here, I tested the quilt before it was actually done. I asked my husband Mike to pass me a quilt, and when he gave me one of the finished quilts on the couch, I shook my head and pointed to this one. He laughed and took this picture. I just couldn't wait to use it!

I love this quilt so much. I just got a new haircut so it seemed right to pose with it! :) Thanks, as always, to Mike for the awesome photography. He's the best!

I wrote about this quilt previously here, here and here.


  1. Oh what a beauty this one is! I can only imagine how luxurious it is, with the voile combined with the bamboo batt - lovely! Congrats - I have no doubt you will enjoy this one ALOT!

  2. Totally adding a voice quilt to my bucket list! This quilt turned out so lovely! The pattern really does work well for all those prints. I totally agree with binding it with quilting cotton. I know the voile was different enough, but did you notice much difference with the bamboo batting? I'd like to try it sometime. And your hair looks so cute!

  3. That turned out beautifully. You did such a great job on it.

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to have to make voile quilt one of these days.

  5. Love It! The colors are so incredible. I think I just added it to my list!!

  6. I love this quilt and I love your haircut! The name is so perfect. Have you been to Prague? It's an amazing city... if you go, you should take this quilt to take a picture of it in it's namesake city :) I'm excited to try the bamboo batting now... must finish our bed quilt, stat!

    1. Take a picture of the quilt over a railing, and photoshop it on to a picture like this:
      lol :)

  7. You have really made the most of your beautiful fabrics - great choice of quilt design.

  8. A lovely, bight quilt!
    Nice new hair-do.
    Happy days!

  9. This is so lovely. And the back is great as well. :-)

  10. The idea about stitching the label info on to the binding is genius!! Very pretty quilt. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. This quilt is beautiful, but most of all, it looks so-o-o comfortable!. Great label!

  12. A lovely finish, and it certainly looks very cuddly! Linda


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