Monday, November 10, 2014

QuiltCon Charity Quilt block

This week is initially tough for me quilty-wise because:

 a) I haven't taken pictures of the orange peel quilt yet (though it's done and gifted) because I need three people (1 to hold the camera, and at least 2 to hold up the quilt) - so I can't share yet! It was a busy weekend around here, even with two days off of school, and it gets dark so early now. Wah.

b) I'm making my sister a mini quilt for her birthday on Friday and I want to share, but she has forbidden me from sharing (although I found this out after I posted a couple of photos in progress yesterday on Instagram - I'm @quiltyhabit if you want to see)! It's based on the movie Tangled and I'm sooo pleased with it so far!

c) Tomorrow night is our monthly guild meeting (which I have to finish planning and prepping for - being the President is hard work!).

but luckily d) we have a guild retreat this weekend in Bridgewater, NJ, so I'm sure to sew a lot (I need to finish my Supernova blocks especially!) There are three spots left at the retreat, so if you are in NY/PA/NJ/DE area and want to sew with us (even for the day - day passes are available Fri., Sat., and Sun.), let us know and email us! Click on the links above for more info.

At the retreat, I'll also be piecing our guild's quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild's QuiltCon Charity Quilt drive and exhibit. Here's my 8 inch block - I was inspired by my Facets of Emerald Quilt from the Pantone Challenge last year. I'm experimenting with improv-ish gems...


I can't wait to share what I've designed for the quilt top! It's just my style - based on improv. Members have made modern blocks with the color palette designated by the MQG. I can't wait to get started!


  1. I SO wish I could come to the retreat! I am in desperate need of one, like I am already trying to find a good one next fall. I can't wait to see both of the quilts!

  2. Enjoy the retreat -- sounds like you're ready for one!

  3. Hi Jess, Did you know--only 99 days to go!!! Funny I just posted a Quilt Con Charity block today as well. Must be Quilty mental telepathy!


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