Monday, November 3, 2014

Voting for Viewer's Choice - Blogger's Quilt Festival

I was floored (and might have squealed out loud) when I saw that Scatter has been nominated for the Viewer's Choice category of the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thank you so much to anyone who nominated my quilt! It means so much to me. I honestly never thought that orange peels and improv would open up so many opportunities. Please vote for your three favorite Viewer's Choice quilts here until Nov. 7 (just click the heart in the upper right corner of your choices). I'd be honored to be one of them. They are all so lovely... I know it was hard for me to choose.

You can also vote for my quilt in the Original Design category, if you are so inclined!

Meanwhile, last night, I finally finished the top of the behemoth orange peel quilt - it's about 90" x 100", in case you are wondering. I'm going to go and start quilting now, but I'll take more/better pictures of the process later in the week. Meanwhile, here's my victory shot:


  1. Congratulations!! They both look gorgeous! Off to vote... :)

  2. Believe me, I am voting for you (and Yvonne, my psuedo-cousin) at every Starbucks I go to ;-) That quilt is huge, I can't wait to see how you quilt it! And where are the tiny peels? I don't see them. >.<

  3. I don't know why you're surprised - it really is a fabulous quilt!

  4. I voted for it yesterday. I have loved this quilt since I first saw it.

  5. It looks great! Have fun finishing! :)

    This has nothing to do with this particular post, but I wanted to let you know you inspired me (a quilter about 30 years older than you!) to join a quilting group. I didn't end up with the modern group, because their meetings weren't as convenient for me, but I joined another group that meets twice a month and I've gotten very involved already, making blocks for a raffle quilt, pledging to make a specific art quilt (due next October), and joining in the "box quilt" fun (where you get a different box each month to make a block to someone else's specifications). So, pat yourself on the back, kiddo -- that's all your influence! :) I might be able to visit the modern group this month, but I don't think I'd join; one group is keeping me busy enough. Thanks for the encouragement; I'm having a lot of fun and it's a nice group of (mostly) women.

  6. Congrats Jess! I made my votes :)

  7. So exciting for you! Congratulations!


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