Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Relaxing

A short post today. Some relaxing quilting. Excited to share this one with you - a quilt using Katarina Roccella's Indelible for The Intrepid Thread.

I felt like these arrows needed to be quilted with echoing straight lines, so I've been using a lot of my walking foot. However, I missed my FMQ foot (I would rather FMQ than straight line quilt any day) so I couldn't resist adding some swirls  into the scrappiest parts of this quilt!

Summer has been very productive so far and I'm trying to keep stress to the minimum. I have some big quilty news to share very soon!

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  1. Cool! So when you do a fmq design in a small strip like that do you have to travel back over stiches to get to the next swirl start?

  2. I can't wait to see the whole quilt! It's very pretty, and I think the swirls were a good sneak-in ;-)

  3. love love love!!! That line is so delicious to me!!!

  4. I love the mix of the straight line and swirls. We could join forces and make a great tag team because I actually love echo quilting.

  5. Looks beautiful Jess! Enjoy your quilting! x Teje

  6. we need to have another skype date so i can see this beauty in its full glory :p it looks awesome!


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