Monday, July 21, 2014

Sewvivor Contest Entry

Sewvivor is an intriguing contest run by Family Ever After, where contestants sew up projects based on themes and get voted out over time until there is *only one left.* I never watched much of the show Survivor but I get the main gist of it all (I was more of an Amazing Race watcher). This season is "Quilter's Edition" and I figured it was worth a shot!

I'm choosing my "Home" quilt, which is my experiment with improv trees, as my audition piece. The main reason is the following: it's the best made quilt I have ever made (though it looks a little wonky in the picture because it's resting on a hill :D). Every time I look at it, I feel that all the hard work I've put into quilting has paid off. The quilt just feels special! It's also pretty huge (64" x 80") and difficult to constantly take out, but hey, it's mine and I'll do as I like. :)


I also love that when you look at it from far away, it looks like all solids - but up close, it's really a combination of lots of Botanics and Architextures fabrics by Carolyn Friedlander, shot cottons, low volume prints, and some solids. Not something I noticed when my nose was three inches from my machine. :)


The quilting process is almost always the most exciting part for me. I wanted the background between the trees to be like imaginary trees, so I echoed woodgrain (though a more elongated type) there. The trees themselves have more gnarled parts. The sky has swirls of wind, and the trunks of the trees are quilted sharply with zigzags. I love how quilting can bring a quilt even more to life. I especially love figuring it all out and making it happen for my quilts!

Tiny scrap binding rainbow pop (and again, strange hill setting)! Also the back - my Botanics scraps in rainbow order and coordinating yardage from my stash. Sigh.

I adore this quilt so much that, as you've probably noticed, it is my blog header. I blogged more about the final product and process here if you are interested!

I love to take pictures with my quilts! They are just as important to me as people, after all. ;)

Crossing my fingers I make it past the first round! I have an idea I'm itching to try for the first theme, Nautical.


  1. Jess, this quilt is GORGEOUS! I'm a big Friedlander fan, too. I loved your description of the quilting and how you made decisions about what to do where - I can't wait to see more of your projects. Good luck!

  2. You're quilting is gorgeous! Best of luck! Best, Kate


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