Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Goal: A Lovely Year of Finishes

I've been quite lax with my goals for A Lovely Year of Finishes this year, but now, with a *relatively free but somehow still pretty busy* summer, I'm ready to get back on track. I'm really feeling the finish-it spirit right now - that pile of WIPs I shared with you last week has already been diminished by two, and I'm working on finishing a third! I'll be at a retreat this month with the guild (for three days!) so July has the potential to be a very productive month.

My goal is to completely finish this baby quilt for the Orange Peel Quilt-A-Long. I've been dying to play with Pretty Potent and the low volume 6"x10" bricks I swapped within my guild. No longer can I hold back on this project. The design is ready to go and the orange peels themselves should be done tonight! I tried out a practice one on the right just to make sure all was well. I'm using my favorite method of applique by Emily Herrick - barely any stitching involved at all!

Have you thought about your orange peel quilt design yet? I'll be posting lots of tutorials and advice about making them on Monday.

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  1. It's going to be so pretty!! I wish I had a sewing retreat this month! Sounds like so much fun.

  2. I can't wait to see what this will be. I do have a question about the Orange peel along...can it be a top or blocks you already have but need to finish? or must you start from scratch?

  3. I came just to look at your new blog header! Here's why I like it: it's bright, with lots of texture and shadows to emphasize the quilting. The colors draw your eye to the left, where you very nicely placed the title using appropriately colored font. Makes me want to go make a header for my blog. I did like your old header a lot, but I get to look at that quilt every day! <3

  4. love this applique method, your orange peels are going to be amazing, I can't wait to see it come together :)

  5. I am a bit behind on blogs, but just read this... ! Now I wish I had time for the QAL, Jess. This looks so easy and fast - thanks for linking the tut!


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