Friday, July 11, 2014

Selfish pillow-making

When Laura sent me these fabrics, I couldn't help putting them together and pairing them with a little square of Munki Munki pajamas that I had recently acquired from Instagram. This pillows was one of those projects that just came together and was totally freeing for me.

I bought the constellation fabric because of the message: "Sagittarius keeps her eye on the prize." Fabric inspires me on a daily basis, and, at the time I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I'm ambitious person to a degree. I have struggled with what I want in a career but I keep coming back to teaching and the kids. So, that's my "prize," hopefully, in some way.

I'm loving this new purple (!!!) umbrella my mom bought for her deck! It makes for a lovely pop of color!

Pink, blue, grey, and cream was unexpectedly a color scheme I grew to love as the pillow came together. Like the pillows I made my mom for Mother's Day, I offset my little Katniss-like Sagittarius  in the corner. I like how the strips radiate outwards from her. Concentrated spiral quilting was the way to go - I used my FMQ foot like last time. I was kicking myself though, because Laura also sent a spool of light blue Aurifil that I meant to use for quilting (and forgot!). Oh well. Light gray works!

I put off making the envelope back for a few days. I don't really know why, because it took all of 10 minutes. I found a large piece of Lizzy House's Moon Phases from her Constellations line in my stash (read: this is why I stash half yards/yards now!) and it was PERFECT to pair with a scrap of Amy Butler's Cameo.

Husband reactions: He loves the feel of the flowery Liberty fabric (it's still soft even when densely quilted, so, perfect for a pillow). Also, this reaction to the back:"MOON PHASES!"

If a pastel colored pillow gets this kind of reaction from him, then I'm happy. It's on our couch right now! I could so see myself passing this off to my future daughter (if she happens to be a Sagittarius)... or I'll keep it as a reminder to keep working hard, and hopefully, it will pay off someday. It has already begun to, as I will explain soon...

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  1. Oooh I'm excited about whatever's coming your way! The pillow turned out super cute!

  2. Hi Jess! Beautiful pillow and so lovely Fabrics! Everyone needs now and then 'selfish' pillow and I think I need to make one, too. That purple umbrella is Super! Have agreat weekend! x Teje

  3. I love the pillow.....well, I love all of your work! I haven't seen that Munki Munki, but it is adorable. Beware the Sagittarius, though. Those arrows can be sharp and barbed when My older daughter is one, and she's smart, beautiful and reads people like a pro, but when she's mad, watch out! 8-)

  4. I am a Sagittarius too!;) I can totally see as a teacher keep at it hon:) :)

    Beautiful pillow! I didn't know the moon phases were in that collection. Glad I didn't get rid of my fat quarter bundle:-P. I agree with you on only buying 1/2 yd and yd cuts.


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