Monday, April 8, 2013

The craft storage dilemma


Husband: "We need a new, bigger pantry."
Me: "Okay..."
Husband: "What if you use the old one for fabric?
Me: "......:D"

So I spent Saturday going from this:

To this:

Yum. And the color of the cabinet totally brightens up my dining room, despite it being dark.

Under my sewing table is now storage for my WIPs and scrap bins (which were not shown in the original picture and usually are laying all over the floor. I know, it was bad!)
 And went from this (yes, I know this was bad, too) (yes, that is a stuffed bacon on top of my shelf):

 To this...

Yay, even found a great place for a frame my sister gave me! Also, for  layer cakes and FQ bundles I couldn't part, jelly rolls (top shelf), charm packs (blue blocks), neutral yardage, and AMH everything (second shelf), and backings, novelty, and holiday fabrics (bottom shelf).

 And then I felt like this, though it was more like four hours:
Don't worry, I resisted. But hey, check out our new pantry. Who knew the color white was such a wonderful color? :)

Look, the husband even put the Nutella in front. It's like he knew (PS: my current favorite chocolatey snack is pretzels dipped in Nutella - so you know what to try next time you are craving it!). 

I'm cataloging this as a "Project Color My Apartment" segment, under "storage." Both Mike and I are amazed at how much just two pantries changed our entire apartment. We've been hanging things and cleaning all weekend, so I should have more for this blog series soon!

Meanwhile, today, while I'm looking at fabric:
Husband: "Can I buy TVs by the yard?"


  1. Great job Jess. We just moved into a new home and hubby didn't know where to put one of the cabinets, so I took it for quilting supplies!

  2. Sometimes house "work" is fun! Enjoy your new storage!

  3. TV's by the yard eh?! No honey because then I wouldn't have anywhere to put my fabric;)

    Looks ya'll got the spring cleaning bug!

  4. Your stash is so bright! I love it!


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