Friday, April 5, 2013

Modernista Homemade Living Room Swap: Sent and Received!

The Modernista Homemade swap on Flickr is always so exciting! I really enjoying making something special for someone, and in return, receiving something made for myself. Each round, we concentrate on a new part of the house (we've done sewing room, kitchen [I skipped that round because of my wedding], and now living room).

My partner requested a pillow with earthy tones, so I did a little stash shopping and got out my Lotta Jansdotter and Lizzy House.

Fabric pull - Modernista Homemade Spring

 I made a simple log cabin (she requested something clean and not too wonky), and, on a whim, decided to applique the leaves on the sides to linen. This pillow would look great for the fall season (especially because of the middle print) or on any neutral or rust colored couch. I also made some matching coasters with an organic feel.

It was my first time quilting a pillow, and it really wasn't hard at all, luckily :) I really loved the feel it gave to the final product (it made it nice and sturdy), and you had no idea how badly I wanted to keep it. I might have to make a replica for myself!

I was so thrilled to receive my swap package in the mail this week! I actually purposefully made an extra 20 minute round-trip drive  to pick up my package after driving (some of the) 11 hours straight from northern Maine (that's how excited I get for this swap).

 My partner made me a BEAUTIFUL flying geese table runner from Kate Spain's Cuzco, with a gray background (it's like she knows me too well!) (okay, yes, there is a survey and mosaic involved, but still). I love seeing it on my coffee table! It totally brightens up the room. Also, check out that awesome quilting. Thank you so much, Kristy!!

She also made these gorgeous coasters. I seriously needed some to join my Scrabble coasters. One of them lives on my desk, too :) (where I read blogs in the morning and drink coffee). Kristy also included a great pleated bag pattern that I can't wait to try. When I have time. Lol!

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I can't wait for the next round! Seriously, if you're looking for a great swap to join in, Modernista Homemade is fabulous.


  1. Love your Pillow design! Had to pin it!

  2. Wow both are so pretty! What fun!

  3. Nice work both of them!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the pillow you made for your partner! The quilting on your table runner is very nice:)

  5. That is a great pillow. I love the warm tones in the fabric... Well Done!

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  6. Ooh gorgeous cushion! And lovely table runner - lucky girl!

  7. Love your fabrics! Congratulations on your finishes!


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