Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Goal(s)

This is going to be a busy month because I'm starting my new job, but I hope to get a few quilty things done. Also, this month, I'm running the CJMQG meeting (this Tuesday) and we have a weekend retreat coming up! I can't wait!

MAIN GOAL: Finish the sewing machine cover for my new machine.

This one is soooo doable. I've been FMQing the main part in a wood grain design, and I just started the sides. Then to put it all together! I'll be kicking myself if I don't finish it this month.

Other April Goals:

 Front cover of fabric baby book
  •  Start quilting the wedding quilt - the back is ready (here's a peek) and it's all basted! I started practicing some FMQ in preparation.
  • Possible: Start sewing something for the classroom. I'm thinking a mini quilt of the world, in fabric, kind of like this map of the USA from Joy's Thoughts and Things.
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What do you have planned for April?


  1. Wow, you'll be busy! Love your QAYG pillow, gorgeous!

  2. Your wedding quilt is so pretty and modern! I adore that map as well you may try out!

  3. I'm sure you'll find a way to get it all done! Good luck with the new job!

  4. I have a baby quilt I want to finish this month...totally inspired by your blooming block

  5. Oh I really love the pillow cover you are making!!! I will have to look at that tutorial!

  6. Your work is beautiful. You are VERY talented!!

  7. I really like your QAYG. I really need to give it a try!!

  8. So many great projects! Thanks for sharing on let's get acquainted.


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