Sunday, April 28, 2013

April BOM blocks and a Facebook page

Finished my April blocks for the Sisters' Ten BOM just in time for April to be over :) This block is called "Lady of the Lake," and it can be scrappy or not. Anything goes, really. They took a while to finish because of all those darn HSTs - but I got a lot of practice!

 Within one of my favorite color schemes of red, orange, and purple, I decided to try a ombre-like block, changing color from darkest to lightest, and lightest to darkest. I'm a little obsessed with the result...

 With the other block, I got my triangles a bit mixed up - oh well. For this one, I went completely scrappy.

 Here's what I have so far, four months in! For the BOM layout, we're supposed to make 2 of each block, but I'm going to be changing the layout up a bit. I liked "Lady of the Lake" so much that I just HAD to make two!

I frequently get alerted about blog posts and random things going on in the modern quilting blogosphere through Facebook, so I thought it fitting to make my own Quilty Habit Facebook page. If you'd like, you can "like" it (that sentence sounded weirder than I intended) - I'll be reposting things I find on Facebook (as described above), as well as my new blog posts, and quilts that I love found on other blogs (you can also see the little "f" pennant flag at the top of the right column of my blog, courtesy of the c.w. frosting design lab)!


  1. The colors are so beautiful together. I never thought to pair them up:)

    Fabulous work Jess!

  2. I LOVE this colour scheme - your blocks look great!

  3. Beautiful blocks - I really like the ombre colour graduation in the first one! Thanks so much for linking up this week.

  4. So gorgeous, and the colour scheme is great!

  5. They're lovely! Small HSTs are definitely fiddly but cute. :)

  6. These are coming along nicely.

  7. You should check out Triangles on a roll! a member of my guild uses them and sold them, so showed me how easy they are to use...and you get perfect HST's every time. They come in a variety of sizes...I think Hancock's of Paducah has them online for a fair price too.
    Visiting from "Let's Get Acquainted."

  8. The colours you have chosen are amazing. Orange happens to be my favourite colour, so I am totally in love with your project. Visiting from 'Let's get Acquainted'.

  9. GREAT colour scheme. Very excited to see where this goes...!

  10. It is a lovely block indeed!

    I have not yet succumbed to Facebook but I am considering it now after actively resisting it for so long!

  11. I love your colors! This is going to be so beautiful! :)


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