Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Fresh Sewing Day

 April wasn't as productive of a month as the past three have been, due to me now working full time (as many of you know)... but I'm still very happy with my finishes. :) Although, it's the first month I haven't finished a quilt... the streak is over :( I need to get on that for May.

1. Bloomin' Pillow - Quilt As You Go, 2. Triangle Sewing Machine Cover, AMH fabrics, 3. April BOM 2, 4. Quilts for Boston

That bottom right picture is a block I made for Quilts for Boston - I'll share that in another post this week. For now... I'll keep cutting for my little mini quilt! More soon!


  1. Lovely projects. I'm using grey as my BOM background too.

  2. Really good - you should see my sewing machine cover. It is the original plastic thing it came with and is very yellowed! Mind you it isn't on very much nowadays.
    good work. Visiting from Lily's quilts. xxxx

  3. You still had a productive month. Everything looks great!

  4. Your blocks are lovely!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. Excellent progress Jess!!

    I wish I had a productive month for sewing for my shop....that's ok though...the commissions are well worth it:)

  6. You accomplished quite a bit considering the full time work! Well done!


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