Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm still here! (sewing updates)

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting! It's been almost a month. I also haven't been reading blogs often. I've been so busy with student teaching, college work, and interviewing for jobs that things have gotten a little out of control. Today is the first day of *SPRING BREAK* and I couldn't be happier!!
There has been very little activity on the sewing front, though now that the most difficult part of student teaching is over, I have a bit more free time.
First, I recently made this car CD case for my fiance. I used all his favorite colors and fabrics that I knew he would enjoy. Don't you just love those aliens?
Got the tutorial from Georgia Leigh.
Yes I know the elastic got twisted ;) I'm not fixing it.
This was a quick and easy project that briefly satisfied my sewing urges...

Then, I started working on a sewing machine cover for my machine, finally! I decided to hexagon it up, so I broke out these Lark hexagons that I won a little while back from Kim. Because I'll be hall monitoring for a state test, for an entire week, at the end of the month, I think I'll sew the whole thing together then!

My Made in Cherry quilt is just waiting in the wings. I have the batting, but I need to put the backing together, baste, quilt, and bind. I'm still figuring out the back but I'm going to use some of those luscious purple solids (you know how much I love purple) and that beautiful print on the bottom of the pile.

Aaaaand my solids came in from Hancock's of Paducah (I always order my solids from there) - these, along with the Impressions prints, are for a quilt I'm going to start with my mom. More on that soon.
Goals for spring break:
-Make myself a CD case, too!
-Backing for Made in Cherry and baste
-Cut some of mom's quilt
We'll see how it goes... I have a ton of college work to finish over break, and several jobs to apply for... plus, for just one day, I would love to just sit and do nothing. Does that sound bad?
I'll definitely be updating more frequently!


  1. Jess, it's so good to see you online again. I know about that student teaching, classes, etc. been there, done that. What will you be teaching? I know you've missed your sewing but you came back with some lovely projects completed.

  2. Life can be-------well life sometimes---good to hear from you Jess!!! Hope you have a day of rest too btw;)

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  4. Jessica, I awarded you with a Liebster award from my blog to yours you can pick it up on my blog! Congrats.

  5. Ooo, I love that stack of purple solids!


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