Friday, April 13, 2012

Help me craftily decorate my graduation cap!

I picked up my cap and gown yesterday! In just one month, I will no longer be an undergraduate student! (which means I have to change some things on this website, but I'll get there when I get there!) :)

I'm celebrating! But I need your help.

See this graduation cap? I can't leave it blankly black. I just can't. My creative soul would consider that highly offensive. But seriously, my creative brakes are on right now. I'm having trouble coming up with something.

Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd LOVE to use things like fabric, ric rac, etc. But your design doesn't have to include those things. It can involve anything that has to do with quilting/crafting, or teaching (I'm going to be a social studies teacher), or the Class of 2012, whatever you think.

*The person with the design I like most will get a package from me, with a few things in it (okay, it includes fabric) :)

I'll leave this contest open for one week - until Friday the 20th. It's open to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Just leave me a comment with your idea. Thanks! I'd really appreciate your help :)


  1. The only thing I can think of Jessica is to cut out 2012 out of white fabric and iron it across the top, and maybe add another word below, like Create, or Quilter, or something your can identify with ;-) Congratulations!!

  2. We hot glued rhinestones on my daughters cap. She was graduation from the dental college at OSU, so we did a tooth outline in the center and then she put "Thanks Mom And Dad" around the outside edge. Here is a link to the picture.

    Since this is my first visit to your blog, I'm not sure what field you are in, but hope this helps. Congratulations on your graduation!

  3. Just go to They made it so easy for anyone to be an artist and its made so you can frame it or display it.

  4. Ah this is a cute idea for a contest!
    And I'm glad you're decorating your cap. That's the #1 thing I'd change about my graduation...that and I would have taken my cell phone. It really helps your parents/friends/etc see where you are in the crowd lol.
    For Social Studies...a globe maybe? I think a timeline would be really cool, but not sure how great that would fit on a cap...cuz then you could include little icons for when important stuff happened during the duration of your schooling. Like, a little sewing machine for the first quilt you completed in spring 2009, or a diamond ring for your boyfriend proposing in fall 2010, and like an ABC/123 little logo for the first time you observed/taught in a classroom in spring 2012, etc. Those were just random dates, by the way.
    I cant wait to see what you do! I graduated a year before all my friends, so I had fun seeing all their cap decorations on Facebook when they all graduated :)
    PS, I just wrote you a novel, sorry!

  5. I would make a scrappy postage stamp or other block to cover the base, then add 3d objects like a tiny map or globe, a spool of thread,tiny stack of fabric, a pencil and little book or other items that signify you and the future-little bride/groom or ring-go visit the $1 store and have fun with it.

  6. We hire our gowns, stoles and caps so everyone looks the same - no fancy anythings were added to anyone's cap.


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