Monday, April 9, 2012

Sewing Heirlooms

Through the family, I received an amazing gift: my great aunt Selma's sewing box. After seeing my friend Rebecca post about her inherited sewing notions, I wondered whether my family had ever been involved with sewing. It turns out that someone was. I was so excited to open this huge box (really, it's massive)...

And find all of this...

Already loaded my own bobbins in :) I had been thinking about getting a bobbin holder/case but this one just came to me, so I'm glad I waited. I even thought about making one somehow... some of my great aunt's bobbins definitely won't work with my machine - they are huge and made of metal.

So much thread! (Blogger won't let me make my pictures right side up - I even tried Flickr - anyone have ideas?) For now, just tilt your head to the side ;)

I wonder how old these are? I have no clue! It's gotta be at least 50 years.

This gorgeous tin... it's full of old buttons. I haven't even had a chance to go through them all yet.
You can bet that I'll be passing this on to my sister (if she learns to sew and likes it) or to my future children. Even though I never knew my great aunt well (I was only three when she passed away), it's special to me and makes me feel like I have a connection to the family. I don't even want to take things out of it.

Do you have any sewing heirlooms?


  1. Yay!
    I've been trying to get the funky smell out of all my grandma's stuff. But I use her tracing wheel and pattern paper all the time for my new clothes sewing. And I washed my buttons in a vinegar bath first, then in soapy water because they were so musty.
    You should figure out some way to display all the notions that don't fit your machine or that you don't see yourself using. Inspiration!

  2. What a cool gift! Looks like lots of fun things in that sewing box. Thanks for sharing. One of my most prized sewing heirlooms is my grandma's box of buttons.

  3. Really special gift Jess!! I had a sewing machine from my Grandma a long time ago when I didn't sew and I got rid of it:( Didn't know any better back then..I still cringe to think that I treated it that way. It had some fun notions inside the little table and everything.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Can't you take the pic and turn it around in Photoshop first and then put it on blogger? Just a thought.

  4. Wonderful treasures! I have my Grandma's sewing box and it held a lot of cool tools from the 1950's. More recently, I just was given a cute sewing basket that belonged to my husband's grandma! That one didn't have much in it, but the basket is pretty neat.


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