Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Finishes

*Did you enter my contest to help me decorate my graduation cap? Ends Friday!*

I accomplished a spring break quilting goal and a half! More than I expected, to be honest, with all the school work I've had to complete.

1. Made a CD holder for my car - I can't wait to use it on the way work tomorrow. Much easier than the usual stick-my-hand-into-the-compartment-and-try-5-CDs-until-I-find-the-one-I-want. Now I'll actually be able to see them.

I used the same tutorial as before, from Georgia Leigh. I picked out a bunch of fabrics that went well together (and of course, that I liked). You could easily do this with scraps and it only took me a couple of hours.My fiance has reported back and has found his to be extremely useful... I'm glad that my sewing could be of assistance =P

2. I made a star for the back of my Made in Cherry quilt. Technically, I didn't piece together the whole backing yet, but at least I made progress. I used my favorite purples and a mix of gray and purple solids - I quite like the scrappy look.

I know one of the seams doesn't line up very well but the others do and I'm not touching it! Haha. The seam ripper is, on a normal day, my best friend, but this is the most accurate I've ever been on a first try so I'm going to celebrate it. :)

I could easily see myself making a whole quilt with these stars. Scrappy. Rainbow. The ideas are turning. Like I don't have enough projects to work on right now!

After I finish the backing and start to quilt Made in Cherry (otherwise known as Flying Purple People Eater) I'll make a new list of goals.

And technically, as of this Friday, the only thing left I have to complete for my undergraduate career is a presentation on my 20 page paper (which was finished today). So, in the next few weeks, I hope to be quilting, and thus, blogging, much, much more!


  1. What size scraps are you needing for that purple quilt you had in mind with the jelly roll you bought?

  2. The end is well and truly in sight. Are you planning on returning to school for post-grad studies?


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