Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ho, ho, ho!

Here's my post for the p.s. i quilt and Fat Quarter Shop's "ho ho ho" contest :)


Santa was on his way out of the North Pole
When suddenly, a cold wind started to blow
Rudolph kicked higher and angrily bellowed
but Santa yelled, "it's alright, my fellow!"
Santa thought of his warm house just below
where Mrs. Claus was surely aglow
with Christmas excitement and red, rosy cheeks
She'd be baking cookies and milk and a cake filled with cream cheese
The after-trip snack would be just a delight -
His stomach rumbled in anticipation for after flight.
He then thought of Mrs. Claus sewing away
She was finishing a quilt for Christmas Day
He remembered the elves giving him needles, thread, plastic bins,
Fabric, batting, patterns, and pins...
There certainly were a lot of quilters this year!
And then the food came back to his mind, oh dear,
and as he sat there distracted, the reindeer looked behind
At Santa, in his daze - he didn't seem to notice, or mind,
that they were flying right into a dark cloud ahead
Santa was the one steering the sled!
Just a moment too late, and with a cry,
Santa pulled his cold, shivering team from the sky
And out of the cloud, but as he violently turned
Some presents went overboard, and his stomach churned
As they tumbled all the way down to the ground
There was no way they could be found
The sled went so fast, and the reindeer groaned in dismay
Some would be sad on Christmas day.
Santa scolded himself as they flew by,
How could he have lost track of the time?
Although Mrs. Claus would approve,
Thinking of quilts and cookies was not a good move.

Santa, I didn't get my Accuquilt GO! cutter!
It must have fallen out like slipped butter
My GO! was supposed to come with a jelly roll
of 12 days of Christmas, and four yards of Kona snow
Now I can't make my post-Christmas quilt,
I hope that you are feeling the guilt!

(Not really. Santa was extra good to me this year ;) See this post.)

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