Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sewing Goals!

I have a list for when I get home soon. Ready?:
-2 super hero capes

-a stuffed owl for someone!

-a still unnamed present for someone else, which is almost done!

-a christmasy tablerunner for my future mother in law

-hanging up my mom's wall hanging

-a purse for my sister

-Two mug rugs that I auctioned off at the Harry Potter club meeting (!) - they went for $8 each! I'm proud! I'm making them custom - one is a Gryffindor, so she wants the colors and a snitch, and the other is a Slytherin. I'm waiting to hear back from her, but I'm guessing it will be similar

*this may spark an interest in making Harry Potter related sewing things

-Make my 12x12 house block for the neighborhood! (see last post)

-Cut T-shirts for my friend Julie's t-shirt quilt

I'm also VERY excited because a bunch of Black Friday/Cyber Monday fabric is on its way to my house........!!! I couldn't resist. This will help me in the future because I bought different prints for at LEAST 4 quilts I will be making... in the near future (hint: one of them is the purple quilt I want to make myself - I'm really having fun finding all kinds of purple fabrics :) )

How's everyone's Christmas sewing going? I wish I had more to share right now, but this is it! Also, check out the cute peekaboo Santa on the right sidebar of my new layout from Too cute!

Oh, one more thing - I'm thinking about starting a small etsy shop by making mug rugs - with custom orders, too, of course. Any suggestions?

'Til next time!

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