Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Spectrum - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Looking back on the quilts I've made this past year (those I can share, at least), this was the quilt that stuck out most. I started Fall Spectrum about a year ago, and it took me through all the fall months and a couple winter months to finish. Honestly, I didn't love every moment of the process, but there were times where I knew it would be a favorite of mine (especially when it was finished - ha!).

This quilt was painstakingly built on two design walls, and then joined in the middle (at about the halfway point). I used my planned improvisation method, brick-by-brick, to piece together a tree in five colors. In classes, I discuss how to piece together improvisationally to achieve a larger picture. My favorite parts of the quilt are the small scraps of fabric that stand out because they slightly pop out from their surroundings. I'm really glad I persevered to create this quilt.

I quilted it with five different motifs that overlap slightly - one for each color and with matching Aurifil thread to boot. It was a challenge but altogether, this part of the process brought me lots of joy. That's the best I can ask for! That's why I quilt. It might be almost time for another huge challenging piece like this one.

You can see more process pictures and read more in my original blog post. Since I finished this quilt mid-winter, I'm hoping to get a nice photo in front of actual fall trees soon (the leaves are just starting to turn here in New Jersey). I'll be sure to post it on Instagram. Right now, the quilt is proudly hanging out as part of my fall decor.

Please enjoy the Blogger's Quilt Festival (so many quilts to see and read about!) and thank Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side and her sponsors for hosting this event once again. I can't believe I've been entering quilts for 7 years, but there it is!

Past Blogger's Quilt Festival entries:
Fall 2014 (nominated for Viewer's Choice)
Spring 2012 (First Place in Baby Quilt Category)

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  1. I think the thing I always appreciate about your quilting is your fearlessness! Great looking quilt with an absolute explosion of color.

  2. I started smiling as I scrolled down. What a quilt! It's all over the place! Very cool.

  3. This is probably my all time favorite quilt that you've made (that I know of, so far...)! It just glows and since it is 45 degrees out and raining today, it was a perfect day for me to get to see it again, too.

  4. I enjoyed seeing this quilt again. I'm still amazed by your creativity.

  5. Stunning use of colour and design. A wonderful quilt.

  6. That is one fabulous quilt, Jessica!!! Absolutely spectacular!

  7. I really, really love this quilt! I can't wait to see it in front of all the fall leaves. It's going to look beautiful!

  8. I love this quilt with all of its rainbow goodness and great quilting patterns!

  9. It's a stunning quilt, I love it. The colours are so rich. I particularly love the "branches" and then the detail of quilting it in different ways.Visiting from the Bloggers Quilt Festival

  10. World's Best Improv Rainbow quilt!!! OK, so maybe that's a overstatement... but I doubt it. :o))

  11. Thanks for sharing nice information with us. i like your maker online


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