Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sashiko Flower Pillow: By Hand and Machine

This past year, I've been fascinated with combinations of machine and hand-stitching. After getting to know Susan of Easy Piecing, I dove in and bought several sashiko patterns to last probably several years (this is not a sponsored post - I just love her shop and appreciate her friendship and encouragement!). I chose this one because it had a purple background... simple as that. I love purple. And, well, the circular motion of the flowers had me intrigued.

Immediately after I finished my fall sashiko table topper, I dove into this pattern, slowly but surely. It took several months to finish; this year has been super busy quilt, event, and quilt show-wise, so I haven't had much passive time to sit and stitch (usually, I watched episodes of New Girl). Sashiko stitching is so easy and relaxing. I love to challenge myself with quilting, but it's nice to have something relatively mindless to keep my hands moving!

Once I finished the panel, I decided to turn it into a pillow to gift my mom for Mother's Day. She's always hinting that she'd *love* something handmade as a gift (and she definitely gets her share, make no mistake!). After all, I'm still head over heels for my first sashiko pillow. I had confidence this one would turn out well.

I used three different sashiko threads to hand-stitch. The blue was meant to outline the flowers and also connect them. Then, I quilted around the whole thing with my favorite purple Aurifil thread, #4225. My goal was to enhance the inner circular design and add even more texture. I'm really pleased with how it came out! I also quilted up the border, which is a print from Biology by Sarah Watson for Cloud9 Fabrics. I've been holding onto that fabric for at least a year, and I loved how it brought out the blue hand-stitching.


At the last minute, I embroidered a label on the back so that we'll remember when I gifted this special pillow (it says: For Mom, Love Jess, 5/2017). That purple rose fabric (by Nel Whatmore for Westminster Fabrics) is easily in my top 5 favorite purple fabrics of all time. I kept it in the family, though, so it would be in use, and I can visit. :)

A far away look. Yep, still loving those roses.

And finally, a picture of the pillow in its forever home! My mom did a beautiful job of arranging her bed, but I bet she didn't expect me to sneak in there and snap pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm spending time unpacking and settling into my new sewing space. Hopefully I'll hang up some quilts in the next week - fingers crossed!


  1. Beautiful finish and what a great gift, Jess! I can see that the love of purple runs deep in your family, too. <3 I hope your moving and unpacking goes smoothly and you are settled in soon.

  2. You really did a great job on that pillow. I guess we can now see some sashiko in your modern quilts?

  3. I love this pillow. After many years of resisting the shashiko bug bit me too. I'll have to check out that shop.

  4. The purple is so rich, a wonderful background for the stitching. And the back is soooo lovely. Glad you are keeping it in the family.

  5. The pillow is beautiful, and really fits in with everything your mom has on her bed :) What a great gift!

  6. it seems your mother shares your love of purple!

  7. Your pillow adds a nice dramatic touch to the arrangement.

  8. What a beautiful gift! I'm sure your mother will treasure it.

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