Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blog Comments and Newsletter Updates

It's been a while since I wrote up a post about general goings-on around here. I've listed all my questions/points in bullet form below. Please feel free to comment on/ask questions/answer questions related to any of them. I'd appreciate hearing back from you!

  • Blog comments - thank you to all those who comment! I really treasure the email conversations I have with you. If you comment and haven't received an email from me, that means there is no email attached to your account and/or I can't find one (yes, I do look around!). You might not hear back from me the day of, but I usually answer comments within 2 business days (I try to stay away from the computer on weekends).
    •  I have heard tell that for some, Blogger (the service I currently use) is difficult to comment on. I am sorry to hear that but from my end there's not much I can do. If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can always send me an email instead. It's much appreciated! 

    • If you read your blogs on Bloglovin, they recently added a commenting tool. I can't respond to those comments (yet!) but I do appreciate them! See Yvonne's post, "Commenting Via Bloglovin" for more info and a call to add replies. EDIT: Yvonne let me know that I can respond via the app now! I haven't used it but I may download it just to do this. :)

  • I'm curious about how you read blogs these days, specifically mine. Are you an email subscriber, or do you access through one of the blog readers (Bloglovin, Feedly, etc.)?
  • Let's talk about the newsletter. It's a lot of work but it's my favorite content to write online. I try my best to include interesting links and topics for you to read about/peruse, related to modern quilting in today's world. The next issue will be coming out tonight (Wed. 5/31 around 10 PM). I'll continue to release it over the summer, but it will be shorter than usual (namely a couple segments, like The Sewing Circle, will be on hiatus).
    • FYI - you can subscribe below my blog post to receive The Wonky Press newsletter directly in your inbox, 2x a month.

    •  I used to have a popup with HelloBar (which was pretty non-intrusive IMO - what I wanted - but then they made closing it a paid feature, and I'm not willing to upgrade at this very moment) and then with MailChimp (the "x" was too small and difficult to see on mobile phones) so for now I'm without a popup. I know lots of people don't like them, but the popup brought a lot of browsing readers into my world, and it's a great tool for building a newsletter. I really just want to share the content with as many interested parties as possible. :)

    • You can also see links to all 40 issues on this page, plus troubleshooting suggestions (if you're not seeing it come up in your email, for example!).

    • Something I've learned from having Gmail - it's likely the issue lands in your Promotions folder - so check there!
Thanks for all your support and for making the quilting world a great place to be!

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  1. You CAN reply to Bloglovin comments via their app now! It doesn't work in a browser, but fingers crossed that's coming soon, too...

  2. Oh, and I follow you via Bloglovin' but I always open the posts in the actual blogs because that's how I prefer people to read my blog. I just like the aggregate to let me know when new posts are ready to read. :)

  3. I follow my blogs on Bloglovin' but go to the actual post to read and comment. I hate popups of all kinds and have unfollowed lots of blogs that have them. If I like your blog, I will follow it without being told to do so. Thanks for getting rid of them.

  4. I read all blogs by email. No other way, no time.
    The pop up hello bar was annoying. so I am glad you got rid of it.
    I subscribe, but it kept popping up. As Shasta stated, I have also unfollowed blogs bc of annoying features.

  5. I follow your blog by email, Jessica. I really have not got used to the blog readers and find there is "too much extra stuff" associated with attempting to read that way. I , too, will stop reading a blog if "too many popups etc" happen because sometimes my computer gets "stuck" and won't respond. I love your content and your point of view, Jessica, so keep it coming.

  6. I follow on email. I like reading blogs and commenting but often don't have time. I get so much inspiration from the bloggers I follow. Thank you for commenting back to us! I'm sure it takes a great deal of your day. Keep up the good work of inspiring and teaching us.

  7. I follow you via email...I don't like Bloglovin' even though I do follow some blogs that way but the emails are so long from them that I find them to be overwhelming, so "delete" them. The blogs I read are the ones I get a separate email from. Short and sweet works for me in emails, blogs and newsletters...otherwise I never get to my machine!

  8. I follow through Bloglovin and always click on "view original post". I love reading blogs but try to limit my time!

  9. I follow via bloglovin' and have no issue commenting...maybe it's a browser thing? I use Chrome. I open the posts in the actual blog because (like Yvonne) I prefer to read them that way. I just like to get all the new post notifications in one place without clogging up my inbox. Also, I love your newsletter!

  10. I subscribe through email. I don't like any of the blog readers and only use them if the individual blogger does not allow for email subscriptions--and then only if I can't help myself. Short and sweet works for me, too, as Farm Quilter says. I do like the political posts and the quilt world posts the most--all very fascinating. I sometimes comment, but never expect a reply unless I completely shower you with compliments, which I have haha. And you always reply : )

  11. I follow your blog by email. I always read blogs on the actual page and therefore find bloglovin really tedious - so much clicking to get to and from my email to the actual blog posts - hurumph! I have a yahoo email and a WordPress blog and often get 'no delivery' notification when I comment on a blogger blog even though my comment shows on the page. But all that said all this linking up via technology is amazing - I just have to remind myself every now and again! I enjoy receiving your newsletters and the links you provide.

  12. I read most blogs via Bloglovin but I receive yours via email.

  13. I follow most blogs on Bloglovin, but, like others have mentioned, I always go to the actual blog to read the post. I just use Bloglovin to know when there's a post to read :) I had the Hello Bar pop up too, until the change and then I tried the MailChimp pop up but people were having trouble closing it (sounds familiar, huh?) so I got rid of that too. People are still signing up, but it has definitely slowed down. I hope your move is going well :)

  14. I also follow most blogs on Bloglovin and I go to the actual blog to read the post.

  15. I follow by email,GFC and bloglovin and in some WordPress blog I can´t leave comments.I receive your by email.

  16. Gosh, maybe I should follow by email? I currently follow blogs by Bloglovin, but I often get behind and forget about reading. Sounds like a lot of people use the email option. I wouldn't have guessed that!

  17. I read via Bloglovin on my notebook. I only get a little behind that's why I comment a bit late :)

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