Monday, June 26, 2017

Quilt For The Process

As a continuation of last week's post on ants and octopi (and how many projects we all have going), I've been thinking about the process. I have several WIPs and UFOs hiding in my sewing area, lingering somewhere in the quilting process. Admittedly, two of my unfinished quilts are completely basted and ready for quilting. The rest of the projects are in the piecing stage. Out in my sewing room (uh oh, it looks like my new sewing closet is exploding - need to clean that up), there's one mini quilt ready to be bound (and on a deadline, too), 1 quilt almost done with quilting, 1 top almost finished piecing, and the quilt below.

I took a class with Timna Tarr and the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild last weekend. Timna taught us several methods for making map quilts, and I'm making one of Prague (the most beautiful place I've ever visited). Timna was an engaging, helpful teacher, and I took a lot of knowledge away from her class. I've been really motivated to work on the slow process all week.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not usually hyped about the latest and greatest notion. I'm used to making do with what I have, because I'd rather spend craft money on fabric. It always feels like such a waste when I have to buy white fabric, batting, or interfacing (even though I KNOW it's not a waste, because those products are important to my quilt). Ha!

Anyway, have you heard of the Big Goddess Sheet (above)? It's a pressing sheet that saves your ironing board from getting fusibles all over the place. If you do a lot of work with fusible, it's a must have. This is not a sponsored post - just wanted to share something cool that I've found helpful! At Mid-Atlantic Mod, my friend Michele won it and said she wasn't going to use it. Knowing I had just become obsessed with Heat 'n Bond Lite, she gave it to me. I use it all the time now! It's perfect for the map quilt method I've chosen. Thank you, Michele!

 The process of this quilt is tedious, but it's exactly what I need right now. There are lots of steps I can do at night (matching fabrics, cutting, fusing) and others that are perfect for a half hour here and there during the day, when there's a moment. I found myself getting lost in choosing where these purple fabrics would lay exactly; it ended up taking almost two hours! I can't believe how fast the time went.

What has been your favorite "process" quilt or project? I'd love to hear about it.

Wishing you a wonderful week of sewing. I'll be back with a patriotic share on Thursday or Friday.


  1. I think the two chakra mini quilts were very process oriented for me - especially the first time when I had to sort out how I was going to FMQ with 12wt thread. I learned a lot that time around, so that when I made the second it went faster even though I had a new machine to work with. It's going to be fun to see how your map quilt comes together. I love that it's your favorite city to have visited and in purple. I hope that means it will be all yours when it is done! :)

  2. With as many "deadline" projects I have this year - it's only June and I've already done nearly a dozen projects that were for some sort of hop/event/etc - I needed something that was just for me and that's why I joined the Gathering QAL. It was something just for me, that I could do on my own schedule, and do whenever I needed a break from all of my deadlines. :)

  3. The Big Goddess Sheet sounds great. 'Did not know someone had made a help for fusible interfacing. Your Prague quilt is looking great. Favorite process quilt or project? Well, probably that huge Sunbonnet Sue bed quilt I made for my granddaughter a few years ago. I was very new to quilting, and nearly "bit off more than I could chew", lol. It was well worth the effort though.

  4. That sheet sounds interesting; I've always just used parchment paper. :D I recently made a baby quilt (recently as in October, but still undocumented in blogland) where I just did free quilting -- it was enjoyable, but mentally taxing. I think that for the whole process quilt it'd have to be a charm square quilt with paisley quilting. Nothing earth shattering about it, but it's the only quilt I've done twice, so it must be a good one, right? :D

  5. Spring is a very stressful time of year for my business and I have found that the assembly line process of piecing is very therapeutic to repeat! So I don't worry that I'm not finishing anything but instead creating more WIP's! I can catch up when things slow down in the summer fall and winter!

  6. I am loving this project so much. I love watching it progress on IG and look forward to seeing it finished! My biggest "process" quilt is the hexie star quilt.


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