Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sunset: A Finished Quilt


When I saw my friend Jess Frost's "Misdirection" quilt for the first time, I immediately thought: "I HAVE TO MAKE THAT QUILT." I received the chance soon after when she asked for pattern testers. And guess what? The pattern is now available here on Payhip!

I was especially drawn in by the negative space available for quilting (as my readers know, quilting on my home machine is my favorite part of the whole process). I'm sure the quilt would look beautiful with any quilting; it's just one of those striking designs.

I chose red, orange, and purple to pop against the low volume background (hence the name "Sunset" - the purple is supposed to be the mountains, and the red and orange are the sun setting). It took a bit of color play to figure out what order I wanted, but it was worth it.

I quilted each section in a different motif, too: orange squares, red pebbles, and long purple swirls.

The quilt was a bit laborious in terms of cutting and making half-rectangle triangles, but I enjoyed the process. If you've never made HRTs before, never fear. They are similar to half square triangles except for paying attention to the way you sew them. Jess's diagrams and instructions explain it well. One you have the process down, you can easily chain piece them (I completed many of the piecing steps in groups).

I decided to sew up one of my signature pieced backings with reds and oranges from my stash (and you thought I would use up purples intentionally? :D ).

Photo Outtakes:

Day 1: I tried to hold the quilt up myself, but it was 
a. too windy that day and 
b. too wide.

Day 2: Mom snuck a picture from the deck of my sister helping and Mike taking the picture. Yes, we're cracking up about something. LOVE IT.

This is my favorite one - peeking out! And mom's on the right and my dad's head is coming up over that yellow pot. Gotta love family photos.

This quilt is waiting to be gifted. I hope it brings happiness wherever it goes. Thanks, Jess, for a chance to test your gorgeous pattern!

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  1. Beautiful finish, Jess! I love the description of why you chose the colors and color order; I can see it. :)

  2. Just stunning Jessica - love your Sunset colours and the quilting is amazing!

  3. This is really eye catching, it made me say 'Wow; out loud. x

  4. Love the colors you chose, they look beautiful together, as they would in any sunset :-)

  5. It is such a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing with us. I love your quilting.

  6. It is such a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing with us. I love your quilting.

  7. Love everything about your quilt! Right now I like anything with black and white.

  8. Beautiful finish! I love the addition your quilting makes.

  9. Those outtakes are great! That quilt is a beautiful gift! I'm sure the recipient will love it.

  10. I love the quilt, and I love the outtakes. It's so amusing what we do to try and get a good photo of our quilts!

  11. You did a gorgeous job and the quilting...beautiful! Love that you included outtakes of the shoot! What a great idea!

  12. Beautiful quilt and fun photo sessions! I especially like how the bright colors look with the low volume background, but I like your pieced back and quilting with the different motifs, too.

  13. Beautiful quilt! I have liked seeing your photos on Instagram of this one as well :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Gorgeous finish! I really love the colours on the low volume background. And your quilting is beautiful.

  15. Love it! Your quilt is gorgeous and the quilting makes the best finish!

  16. Gorgeous quilt and the quilting makes the best finish!

  17. Love it! Your link to the pattern did not work. Please advise.

  18. This quilt is fabulous! and keep us sharing the outtakes ;) Thank you for lynking up with me for TIGFF!


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