Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Palette: A Mini Quilt

There are people who step in and stay in our lives for a short while, and they linger in our minds. Mary Ann is one of these people to me (although I certainly hope she stays in my life for a long time). During my time working in our school district with her (4 years), I didn't see her every day, but every single one of our interactions was a positive one. She teaches art with feeling, and you can see and feel the students' enthusiasm for art class. Personally, she's encouraged me to try new things with my art and my career. She doodles in team meetings (one time I pulled out my notebook to show her all of my free motion quilting doodles!). We are two people who connect because of our dedication to children and art.

Mary Ann retired two weeks ago, and I made her a small mini quilt to remember her time teaching art to our students. I had the urge to create something rainbow-y but I resisted; instead, I reached for my cool scraps and pieced together an improv background. It seemed more calming. Then, I quilted words about teaching and art with my FMQ foot, adorned with various designs. I thought, as a fellow doodler, she might appreciate this (she did). I really enjoy writing words on my quilts. I'd like to quilt a larger quilt with just words one day.

I wanted to make something larger/more profound, but I wanted her to be able to take a small piece of art someone made for her wherever she goes. That's why, hopefully, an itty mini quilt fits the bill. I wish her joy wherever she goes next.

P.S. Speaking of art, Esch House Quilts posted an interesting blog post about quilters and art. I tend to call my work "art;" to me, an artist creates, and that's exactly what I do. What do you think? Do you prefer the term quilter, artist, designer, or no label at all?


  1. Aw, what a thoughtful parting gift to a coworker! I love the mix of colors and quilting motifs! I consider myself both a quilter and an artist--sometimes at the same time (depends on the quilt). Some quilt are art! And some quilts require so much time, thought, energy and emotion how could they *not* be art??

  2. I would say I am a quilter all the time, a designer sometimes, and occasionally an artist. ;) What a great mini quilt for your friend - I think the colors you chose are so soothing and lovely together.

  3. This is a lovely gift and I it is a little rainbow-y in itself, but I agree, much calmer and probably shows all those words written in there a bit better! I would have had no doubt she loved it with every piece of her heart.

  4. What an awesome gift! I love the combo of different FMQ and the words! :)

  5. Lovely post. Love the kindness and love and love the quilt and free motion. Awesome!

  6. Lovely little quilt! I love the words quilted in.

  7. I consider myself a quilter who sometimes makes art; always a designer as I design both the art and the functional quilts I make.

    Your gift was perfect for a fellow doodler. knitnkwilt.wordpress.com

  8. Looking good, especially your quilting! I say no labels :) which is the easier. Just do what you like and enjoy :)


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