Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Plaid + Solids Tablerunner

One of my co-workers recently commissioned me to make her a custom tablerunner. She gave me plaid fabric from two huge home dec fabric pillowcases, and asked me to incorporate other colors. I
thought that solid stripes would work best, and I went straight to work!


Quilted with my typical straight-line-combined-with-spirals-tablerunner free motion quilting. Those lines are not completely straight (but almost). Because that's how I wanted them to look and because I used my free motion foot instead of my walking foot. I think it gives runners a more unique feel. Aka, it's not factory made. But still professional and well done. :) Of course, I can do straight lines on request!

I was pleased with the selection of greens, blues, grays, and whites in my fabric stash! 


Next on the list this summer: purchase my own labels. :)

My friend loved it! Here it is in its new home. :) Thanks again, Marge, for trusting me with your fabric and your vision!

 I'm excited to be working on two more commission tablerunners this month (fall/winter, double-sided)!


  1. Oh Wow!! It turned out beautifully... I love the fabric you added with the plaids and the quilting is perfect!!! Your friend must be very pleased with it!!! Any leftover fabric to make me a mini??!! Lol

  2. The runner looks great, the almost straight lines set off the plaid perfectly. Love texture from the quilting in the last two photos.

  3. Oh lovely, Jess - the colors you had in your stash coordinate perfectly with the materials you were given. And hooray for a few more commission projects lined up, too!

  4. Love the texture that the quilting adds to the runner!

  5. Just beautiful! Love the soft colors and the quilting!

  6. Oooh it turned out lovely! Glad she loves it!

  7. Love it! You have a great eye for fabrics that go together. I really like you quilting,too.


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