Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Small Project Edition

After making a few larger quilts in the last month or so, it seemed time to work on smaller projects. Here's what I've been up to:

Diving through my Anna Maria Horner scrap bin (yes, it's separate from my color-coordinated scarp bins - don't judge) to come up with this sunset color scheme. I used the "planned improvisational piecing" technique that I can't seem to live without. Hopefully my secret partner for the #annamariahornerminiquiltswap on Instagram will love it!

I've already fused on some white orange peels... stay tuned. And yes, my partner indicated that they like orange peels... so, you know, I had to!!


I've been finishing a custom double-sided table runner for a coworker. She gave me two huge pillow covers and asked me to cut them up and coordinate them with solids... my pleasure! I thought strips of varying sizes would be perfect. This one is just waiting to be bound, and I'll be handing it over next week.

Finally, I've been working on the "Flutter" baby quilt from Sew Organized for the Busy Girl by my friend Heidi Staples - I'll be sharing the whole thing during my stop on the blog hop on June 22! For more info on the blog hop, see here. Also, I'm selling this quilt - see my identical post on Instagram for the details. Plus, if you purchase soon, you can help decide on the backing, quilting, and binding! But I mean soon - this baby is on its way to being finished soon.

Busy Girl Sews Tour for Sew Organized for the Busy Girl by Heidi Staples

I have a lot of actual quilting to do coming up, too - this behemoth is waiting its turn! I've been planning and re-thinking the design for at least a week, so hopefully I'll start on Friday.

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  1. Those all look like fun projects to work on! My sewjo is on holiday or something and I haven't found it again.

  2. You are always SO busy. Thanks for sharing all the lovely projects with us.

  3. Wow, great projects, Jess. It sounds like you got a perfect partner to sew for in the swap. :)

  4. golly, your AMH is stunning! so warm and lovely. and those curves are absolutely beautiful on your friend's quilt. i can't believe you did those on your machine without a longarm. skills!

  5. Ha ha, I too keep my AMH quite separate from anything else! Love your 'planned' improv pieced background...
    it'll be perfect for the orange peel bits I'm sure!


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