Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunday Stash: Mid-Atlantic Mod Edition

After the 2nd annual Mid-Atlantic Mod quilt retreat in Lancaster, PA (my recap is here), I spread out all of my purchases and swag on the floor. A good way to look at it, right? I just love the Mid-Atlantic Mod messenger bag that all the swag came in!! Thanks Jess and Andrew!

The top three rows are purchases from Burkholder Fabrics, an event I documented in my recap post. Three of the prints (second row from top, on the left - Comma, Winter's Lane, and Terrain!!) are from 1 Choice 4 Quilting. They are all half yards or yards (and a couple finished the bolt). There are large cuts of some awesome low volumes (which I always seem to run out of fast), plus some black and white prints for my BFF Julie's wedding quilt this summer. I picked up some blues and Carolyn Friedlander fabrics that I was lacking in my stash (some of the CF prints I rebought because I used them all already!). There are some other gems in there, too, including that stripey purple and pink Collage print that I've used up. One of the best parts of visiting Burkholder's with my modern quilty friends was swapping bolts after one of us had cut from it because we just HAD to throw in that print as well... :)

 Oh fabric. I love you.

 And of course, there was this, which I made sure would be there before I visited:

LIZZY HOUSE FABRIC RAINBOW!! I didn't buy all of the butterflies or mini Pearl Bracelets - just the ones I knew I'd use the most. After all, I know I can buy more if I need... I bought half yards except for the blues and purples, which I use constantly (those are yard cuts). Clearly, fat quarters and I don't really work well together. On another note, I'd love to bind a quilt in the PBs. Soon, I hope.

Oh, and the bolt? We quilters were giddy to find an entire wagon outside of Burkholder's that was $4 a yard if you bought the whole bolt (all wrapped and newish fabrics). With our discount on top of that, I bought fifteen yards of this beautiful Eight Days a Week text print by Windham Fabrics. Plus, I sold several yards at the retreat, so I made out pretty well (I wasn't going to sell any initially, but spreading the quilty love is good!). :) 

Thanks to all the companies who sponsored Mod. We were thrilled! Thanks to Fabricworm, Cloud 9 Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, Windham, 1 Choice 4 Quilting, The Village Quilter, Old Country Store, Pink Door Fabrics, and The Quilter's Bazaar for the fabric and notions you see in the first picture, and ALL of these companies for donating prizes and more swag. You rock!

All in all, this was a big Sunday Stash. The only other fabric I want to buy soon is a few choice cuts of Lizzy House's Natural History... then I'll be good in terms of selfish buying. I swear. :)

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  1. Beautiful! I have realized that I should just buy yard cuts, too. Your Lizzy rainbow is so yummy and what an awesome deal on a bolt of fabric!!!

  2. Wow! Excellent shopping, you are going to be busy!

  3. I totally would have bought that bold too at $4 a yard!! I actually like the mini pearl bracelets a lot more than the original size. I bought a few half yards of the butterflies to ogment my stash (there is a dark green one! ) and I decided to just get all the Natural History fabrics I wanted (not actually a fan of the gemstones) know...cuz Mother's Day is next week and no one else would buy it for me ;-)

  4. Fat quarters are not my favorite way to go these days either. I am usually buying 1/2 yard cuts. It just seems to work out better. Your stash certainly grew with this batch of fabric!!

  5. Jealous of your additions (purple mini pearl bracelets!!) but glad I missed the trip to Burkholders. Husband just discovered the cabinet where my fabric lives!

  6. That is a lovely haul, well done, sounds like you had a ball... this is turning poetic! :) I do love those Bracelets and the text print is so on trend! Visiting from Molli Sparkles, happy quilting!

  7. Quite the score of the 8 days a week fabric! I love it when fabric is destined to be with me! You have so many great purchases and swag! Not going to lie - I am a bit jealous! Don't you use want to lay on the floor and pet all of the beauty? Or, is that just me?!? ; )


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