Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stripey - A Community Quilt

Meet "Stripey," a quilt made by a community for a special girl in our midst.

You can read here about how I gathered blocks from students all over our school district (and sewed them up with them). It was a whirlwind day but it was so rewarding! Sewing them together on my own time was also very therapeutic (mindless sewing and pressing), and with just the stipulation that the blocks would alternate directions, the quilt pretty much laid itself out on its own.

The kids (grades K-8) came up with some awesome color combinations!

I also traveled around the 7th grade to gather more signatures from those who couldn't make the event. Staff from all over the school signed, too. These large pieces now grace the back of the quilt, along with some extra blocks.

Armed with all of the love from this giving community, I went home and stitched all-over with my free motion foot in a woodgrain motif. This quilt is pretty large (around 60" x 70") so it took some effort on the part of my arms! At least I didn't have to lift at the gym that week :D (is it only me who uses that as an excuse sometimes? Okay, probably).

Pretty purple Aurifil thread (50 weight, #2582). I bought it for another project but I HAD to use it for this!

This would be a GREAT project for a class or group of kids who are interested in making a quilt for someone, with the help of an experienced sewist. :) If you'd like to try it, read my first post and let me know if you have any questions!

 I've been told that this quilt is bringing cheer as intended. Nothing makes me happier than to see kids get excited about sewing/quilting, and to bring some extra happiness to someone's life. All in all, it was seriously humbling to work with the kids on this project... it brought a little extra joy to my life, too. :) Tearing up over here just thinking about it. Thank goodness for sewing.

This project and my time were generously sponsored by the Lopatcong Township PTA and the Warren County Cultural and Heritage Commission (thank you for your trust in me!).


  1. What a wonderful and rewarding project. The students (and you!) did a great job. Really love the backing idea with signatures for those who couldn't make blocks.

  2. The kids picked a winning color combination. What a great school project. It turned out beautifully!

  3. I love the color combo's. What an awesome idea you had, and to get kids introduced to sewing-wonderful!

  4. Beautiful quilt and such a great example of community engagement. You're so amazing for putting this together and making a lot of days brighter!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful quilt and how awesome that it is bringing the desired cheer to a special young lady. I think it is super awesome that you went above and beyond to coordinate and finish this activity, and I am especially excited by how many kids participated and enjoyed the process. :)

  6. Love this and the story behind it! And nope, I do it, too! I make the excuse with everything I choose to do that is not lazy is the reason why I don't have to go to the gym. Not totally effective and would be more if I didn't love food as much (haha, kinda). Overall though, I love that excuse! I know it will be effective when I'm even way older and choose to do. Go sewers!

  7. This is such an awesome community project, which you obviously put a huge amount of thought and time into! It is a very sweet gesture and show of support from everyone, especially you. And yes, on days I know I will be FMQ I take it easy on my arms because otherwise they are dead by the end of the day and my quilting goes to shit.

  8. It turned out so beautifully! So happy to hear that it is bringing cheer.

  9. Congratulations on spearheading this wonderful project. How lovely to have so many children helping enthusiastically. You chose a perfect quilting design, too.

  10. Beautiful, and a great idea for a project. I will mention to my friend who is planning on doing some sort of sewing project with her class soon. Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF!

  11. Every time I see this quilt, it makes me smile. Love it and the story behind it!


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