Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday and May Goals

This week is dedicated to making a Mother's Day present for my mom! She already knows about it (in fact, she requested it) - but, she doesn't know *exactly* what I have up my sleeve. I had a bit of trouble limiting my crazy scrappy quilty self to pillows intended for home decor. For my mom's new light gray living room, she needs something *clean* and *fresh* and, well, *modern.*

Glamor (glamour?) shot on my fancy-push-pin-and-batting-on-a-wall design wall - it works nicely and it's cheap!

After seeing my sister's quilt (yes, I'm still working on mine), my mom fell in love with the traditional blocks from AnneMarie's Sisters' Ten BOM. I chose four (1 is a repeat) to use on the pillows, and made up my own design around them. I also got a bit crazy with the quilting, but hey. Above is just one full picture - the rest will be a surprise (that beautiful woman reads my blog)!

I started the pillows at the CJMQG retreat on Saturday. At first I was hesitant about pops of black but my mom was very enthusiastic about it! I'm glad I kept black because the dark eggplant purples would have looked too muddy on Kona Medium Gray. I also threw in some whites and light grays for good measure. Using some of my favorite fabrics ever (tone-on-tone Pearl Bracelets, Simply Style purples) has been deeply satisfying (usually it's trying - fabricaholic problems). More on these soon!

Anyway, before I miss this month's deadline - this month's goal is to make a skirt using the Britten Numer fabric from IKEA. My friend Sandi (@craftyplanner on Instagram) was generous enough to pass me five yards, and I saw the skirt idea on IG from @imstudiolou. I've pretty much been obsessed with making a skirt with that whimsical fabric ever since (the rest will probably be used on the back of my Traveling Quilt - eeeeeee!).

Help! I also REALLY want to make something soon with this lovely large scrap of Liberty (thanks to the lovely, lovely Laura) and this piece of Munki Munki I purchased. I really needed a little morale boost and I'm a Sagittarius - I don't follow horoscopes but it was so inspirational to me. I want to make a pouch or a mini quilt or SOMETHING with these two together that I can see and/or use today - any suggestions? The problems with a mini quilt is that it would hang, and I wouldn't get to feel the Liberty... you guys get me, right?


  1. How about a scarf with the liberty? If there are any scraps, you could border the sagitarius with them. I wanted to make my mom something for mother's day, but I've already made her a quilt, pillow, zip pouches, I think I've run out of time. I'm on super slow speed this month, bleh.

  2. Perhaps because I am getting ready fora nap, I think the Liberty and Sagittarius fabrics would be a lovely border for a pillowcase. Sweet dreams would practically be a sure thing, and it would be so nice to fall asleep with the smooth Liberty fabric--like the silky binding on old-timey blankets.

  3. I like Beth's idea of a pillowcase. I'd put the Sagittarius rectangle off-center.

    If I didn't want a pillowcase (or pillow, which would also work well), then I'd drop the idea of using it today and I'd work on a throw-sized quilt so I could be cozy on the couch with it. Just working with the fabrics today is enough of a treat, and you want to end up with something you love, not just something fast.

    If I went with a quilt, I'd build it around the lovely Sagittarius piece, which again, I'd put off-center. I don't know why, but that just shouldn't be centered! Maybe because the piece itself is kind of weighted and I'd want to roll with that.

    Am I your most opinionated commenter? ;)

  4. I like that peak of your quilting. Nice!


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