Friday, May 2, 2014

Pillow for a photographer

 I have a friend from college named Julie. I met her through theater - she was a transfer student, and we became fast friends. Since then, we've done artsy things together: she was my wedding photographer, I made her 2 t-shirt quilts (she's REALLY special),  she took photos of me for a class, we've made Christmas presents for each other, etc. Besides having someone to talk to and confide in, the best part about having a great artsy-fartsy friend is being artsy together!

Anyway, we've been meeting up about twice a year to have lunch and catch up. Since last year, we've been giving late Christmas gifts, and that's exactly what this is.

I told her I wanted to make her a pillow, and she gave me some ideas (I already knew she loves purple and blue, so I used some of my favorite scraps. She also loves the antique camera fabric I used on the back of her latest t-shirt quilt.) I decided a FMQ spiral (using Aurifil, my new go-to thread) would fit nicely and contrast all the angles.

The backing of the pillow features these pretty butterflies, which also grace the back of her t-shirt quilt. Both the cameras and butterflies were purchased at Hobby Lobby, in case you want to grab some yourself!

The pillow was hard to let go of (what else is new), but it was destined for this brilliant photographer. I'm looking forward to many more crepe dates with Julie. :) I should show you what she framed for me (a print that perfectly describes my attitude, from the Etsy shop designbirdie):

She also sewed up the cute little penguin ornament! Thank you, Julie!! I'm so glad I have you in my life!

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  1. How wonderful to have a special friend like this! Wonderful pillow! Cameras are perfect!

  2. What a great pillow! I love the camera fabric, and the purples are lovely!

  3. Now I know the story behind the Instagram pic

  4. Aww, that is sweet! The pillow turned out great--did you buy a form? I'm making a pillow and am not sure what to fill it with yet. Also, love that print!

  5. What a great pillow!

  6. What a wonderful gift- how great to have such a friend in your life. this pillow has all my faves in it- the colors and the cameras. LOVE it!


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