Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Diamond in the Rough

Hi, my name is Jess - welcome to my quilting blog! My first entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival for this spring is "Diamond in the Rough," for the ROYGBIV category. It is a wall-hanging for my good CJMQG friend, Amy. :)

We share a love of the same fabrics (we both have gushed over each others' stashes) and I knew I had to go all out when I pulled her name for our secret Christmas swap last year (Amy got me, too!!!).

This was the first time I cut into most of my Anna Maria Horner fabrics (I was waiting for something really special), and I found that they went together beautifully with Alison Glass fabrics. I almost fell over after posting this quilt on Flickr because Anna Maria Horner herself commented on it! Alison Glass was kind enough to regram it on Instagram, too!

Amy (left) and myself at the guild meeting!

I was inspired by AMH's Color Dive quilt, which she has since made available as a pattern. I cut 6 inch squares and made them into HSTs - not without a few layout mistakes, but I figured it all out in the end! Plus, 99% of those HSTs were PERFECT. After four years of sewing, it's great to get results from all of your hard work.

I quilted each color section a different way. Free motion quilting has become second-hand nature, but man, it is SO much easier on a smaller quilt (and that's using Machinger's gloves, Supreme Slider, and an extension table!).

It was hard to give this quilt away, but it's in a great home. I gasped and literally teared up a little when I saw it on Amy's wall. I wasn't expecting it at all. Amy graciously took the picture above, and the outside one at the top of the post (it was really bad weather when I finished the quilt, so I couldn't get a nice one outside before the swap).

Thanks so much to Amy (the other one!) for hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival for so many years. It makes not going to market a little bit more bearable. ;) Plus, it's the biggest quilt show around (and the easiest to access)!

You can see my original post on this quilt here.

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  1. It's beautiful- just stunning!

  2. What a great gift quilt, and that's so fun that Anna Marie Horner and Allison Glass commented on it! I like how the ROYGBIV aspects of this quilt are subtle with so many fabrics being able to share the spotlight.

  3. Amy is one lucky Chicklet! Also am a hugh fan of AMH and AG fabrics-really like the rainbow effect too. Good Luck--I will be routing for ya!!!

  4. This is just beautiful! Love the fabric, the colors and your quilting is wonderful too. I wish I had those fabrics to whip up like yours. Pure loveliness, so bright and pretty. I'm saving this page to refer to later if I get up the courage to try something similar with the fabric I have in my stash. thanks for sharing this for inspiration!

  5. Your quilt looks fantastically colourful- ideal pick for the ROYGBIV category!

  6. I loved the original AMH piece that inspired you- and you more than did it justice!! This is a wonderful piece!

  7. My husband choose this quilt as the best one in the whole ROIGBIV series :). The quilt have great colours. The quilting is really dense and result seems absolutely precise. Good work (and really nice photos full of colours).

  8. This quilt is lovely! I love going all out with quilt on small quilts, the quilting you did works so well with the fabrics! Amy has another sister-machine! We need to start a club.

  9. gorgeous quilt, lovely colours


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