Saturday, October 5, 2013

Progress, progress, yeah

This weekend I chose to shirk most of my sewing deadlines (what else is new at this point? - sorry, deadlines, sometimes this girl needs to relax) and work on a quilt for our new living room - the modern maples! I want to do a non-traditional layout, and some of you liked the idea of adding a block with a saturated background. I tried it today and just did not like it, sadly =/ If I was laying it out traditionally it probably would work nicely, though!

You can see my new quilting closet... more soon :D

I decided to add pieces of scraps in between. I want to sew skinny strips of various sizes between the rows of leaves, to look even more like they are, in fact, falling.

 Sorry for the pic - it has been getting dark way too early for it to be 80 degrees still!
 I even cut up some old, way-too-big linen-y work pants for the occasion. The husband was only slightly amused: "So, anytime I need to get rid of pants, I should just give them to you?" Yes, dear!

The backing is a whole other conundrum I've been avoiding ;). A recent thought  - start to make my quilts double sided. But this one just screams to be on its own. Haha. Also, I also realized I love having a couple of quilts around depending on the season. One day I'll do a post of all the quilts in the house so far (it probably sounds like there are more than there really are!). :)

This month's goal: get Modern Maples basted and ready for quilting! Bonus points: get it completely done.

This week's goals:
  • Finish my FIL's t-shirt quilt - quilting is almost done, just need binding and a reversible quilt sleeve!
  • Finish Modern Maples top and start on the back
  • Start BOM blocks for October

Luckily, I should have a decent amount of sewing time the rest of the month (crossing fingers tightly!). We also have a CJMQG workshop and trunk show with Barbara Persing this Tuesday. Excited to see my guild friends and to meet her!

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  1. I do like the falling layout! I was a little skeptical of the negative leaf, but was sure you'd make it work. I'm kinda glad you left it out though! The other little scraps color are nice!

  2. Being a huge proponent of double-sided quilts I naturally have to be the devil on your shoulder and say friend, but wouldn't it be twice as much fun with another side?! Though you may be right -- simple could be better this time around ;)


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