Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013: Dresden Rainbow Wedding Quilt

 If you're new to my blog: hi, I'm Jess! I'm quite proud of the slogan I came up with recently for my "about me": "Twenty-something, fabric loving, flying purple modern quilter." That pretty much sums it up. I've been sewing and blogging for 3 years - plus, I have a new blogging series coming up (more info this weekend!) and a very belated blogiversary giveaway around the corner. I'm so excited to link up with the Blogger's Quilt Festival again and see all the absolutely stunning quilts out there! Thanks for all you do, Amy!

The quilt I'm going to share today is my favorite quilt ever, my wedding quilt, which I finally finished this August - after 3 years of slow progress. I'm entering it into the ROYGBIV category because it's a color wheel quilt through and through! It's difficult to put into words how much this quilt means to me. One thing I can say is that it really solidifies who I am and how far I've come as a quilter. There are so many aspects that I can talk about, but I'll make it short, since there is a much longer post here :)

This quilt followed me from when we got engaged, through the end of college, student teaching, and right up to the wedding (and after!). We got married one year ago on October 7, 2012, and have been together for 7 years now. I didn't actually piece the whole top together until right before the wedding. Most of the fabrics used are just scraps now, so the meaning is tenfold to me as a quilter!


One of my favorite parts is the back (okay, it's all my favorite) because it showcases beautiful messages and signatures from our wedding guests. I also had fun matching up the binding color to each section of the quilt. I should mention that we got engaged at the Jersey Shore, which is why we HAD to have the quilt photoshoot there. Obviously!

FMQ has been a huge part of my quilting focus over the last 2 years, and this quilt is the culmination of my skills so far. I quilted each separate dresden block with a different design (which you can see in detail if you click here). Finally, I embroidered the center dresden plate with our name and wedding date :)

 Dresden Rainbow lives on our bed and I couldn't be more thrilled to see it every day :) Plus, it gets the husband's stamp of approval, so all is good! I'm lucky to have a guy who really embraces my hobby :) Like, he gives regular and helpful opinions of my work, doesn't mind that a whole closet in our new apartment is quilting supplies, and has actually volunteered to try quilting. What monster have I created!?

Pieced and quilted: By me, on my basic Brother machine and Janome MC6300
Size: 80" x 75"
Fabric: From all over creation - Bella solids for white background and backing

Now, please enjoy the...



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  1. I love this quilt! Glad to see it again for the festival :-)

  2. Glad I stopped by to read the story of your quilt. So special!

  3. That is a fantastic quilt! I am a sucker for ROYGBIV quilts and Dresdens so you had me at HELLO. Gorgeous!

  4. It's so lovely Jess - such a great way to keep memories of your wedding!

  5. Way to make your own Memory! This will be a great heirloom to show the future family!

  6. Oh, Jess, I love how you did the binding! You must be so patient because by that step, I'm usually like "whatever works - get it done!" haha Great work : )

  7. I do love this quilt, Jessica. It is so beautiful and meaningful. And it's the quilt that caught my eye and helped us to become friends! Great post and I'm glad to see you entered it in the festival!

  8. this quilt is absolutely gorgeous Jess! and such a wonderful story. It is no wonder that it is so special to you!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Great idea to get your guests to sign blocks for the back!

  10. such a bright and happy quilt, and a lovely story!

  11. It looks so pretty on the bed! Great work.

  12. Wonderful quilt. I love how colorful it is! This is my nomination for viewer's choice!

  13. Everything about this quilt is lovely!

  14. Beautiful quilt, and a great story about it too. I love the rainbow dresdens idea! Congrats!

  15. It's such a great story for a fabulous quilt!


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