Monday, October 7, 2013

One Year

Happy one year anniversary to the one who puts up with all this sewing craziness, my husband :) Here's a picture of us last year. Today was a similarly rainy day - luckily it stopped last year right before our outdoor ceremony!

Photos by my good friend Julie of ArtSoul Photography

The first anniversary is exciting, even though we've been together for almost 7 years. I posted some of our professional pictures from the wedding on this post, earlier in the year.

Yesterday, we traveled an hour north to Jim Thorpe, PA (the Poconos) for a day together. They were having a fall festival, and this guy is a champ for letting me loose on all the shops on the main street.

The mountains were actually blurry on top - it was creepy/awesome.

The local library was having a book sale, so I took a look around, and look what I found? 


This book, which was published in 2006, is chock full of traditional quilt ideas that are just begging to be modernized. It came with some templates that might be useful. The price? $5, which goes right back to the library. Don't mind if I do. :)

Some more pictures from a beautiful fall day:


Unfortunately, Mike is still recovering from a strained tendon from our move last week, so we're calling this "the year of the wrist support." That's what we had to spend money on. Lol. :)

Back tomorrow with my finished Modern Maples top! <3



  1. Congratulations! Looks like a nice day together, and your dress is so cute!

  2. Happy anniversary. Looks like you had a great day out. That book is a great find!

  3. Happy anniversary! May there be many many many more.

  4. Happy Anniversary! You're still a newlywed.

  5. Happy anniversary. What a great guy to let you go play in all the shops. Jim Thorpe is beautiful I have visited often, too (one of the Lehigh River takeouts is there). That book is an awesome score.


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