Saturday, March 23, 2013

Triangles, triangles

So, today, I started to do this... lay them out in rows of warm and cool colors. These are AMH fabrics with random solids, and some coordinating Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry.

And then realized the first row I pieced looked liked this. A bit wonky.

This one was much better.

But then I finally found Adrianne's tutorial for sewing equilateral triangles in my pins (so much for Pinterest helping me stay organized!)

So I'm starting again. Or at least redoing that first row. Plus, after a color class with the CJMQG, led by Jessica, I'm starting to think about rows of analogous colors, and compliments... post to come soon!

I'm hoping this cover sews up fast, once I get going. I have a few little things to make this week, and a load of fabric coming in (hopefully the husband doesn't read this) :) What are you sewing this weekend?

Here's some strawberry gelato I had today with Kristina on a surprise dinner after our workshop!


  1. The weekend is almost over for me -- it's 5:45pm Sunday! I've been working on a year old UFO -- the top and backing are done now so I'll be basting on the big table in class tomorrow morning!

    The second row of triangles does look a bit better than the first - the internet is such a great place for tutorials when we need them!

  2. I need to try gelato. Need to. More fabric---not a quilter buying more cotton!!

  3. I didn't go get more gelato today--BUT I WANTED TO

  4. i am loving your triangle quilt so far - these fabrics are awesome and include many of my favorites!


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