Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sisters' Ten BOM Progress and Bloglovin'

I've been making awesome progress on my Sister's Ten BOM blocks. They are so much fun to make, and I'm having a blast combining some of my favorite fabrics with Kona Medium Gray...

(February, March)
Pearl Bracelets... always. :)

Plus, my new quarter inch foot is seriously the best thing ever, and definitely makes my sewing MUCH more accurate. I don't think I've ever been this accurate with HSTs and seam matching. Score!


In terms of readers, I'm actually a strange one - I usually just click the updated blogs on my sidebar (they're the ones I read most often). So... I don't use a reader, although sometimes I will also go into my main Blogger page. Nevertheless, if you're going to follow me on Bloglovin', cool! Here's the link:

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  1. Wow I can't believe you can manage blog-reading without something to organize them. That's insane!

  2. I read blogpost the same way you do. Just click on the updated ones on the sidebar. Aren't we happy now :-)

  3. Love the colours you're using in those blocks!

  4. Your Sisters' Ten blocks look fabulous! Glad you are enjoying making them!

  5. Jess, I'm loving your sisters' ten blocks! I still have to do my March blocks, but we should have an April block sewing party!!! Also, I'm emailing you back today - woohoo!

  6. They're beautiful, love the colors you're using. I'm making a quilt using lots of HST and looove that the points are matching up so well, thanks to my 1/4" foot and some very careful cutting and pinning.

  7. These are gorgeous and I LOVE the colors!

  8. They look great! I have making these on my list of things to do this week, but not sure I will find the time!

  9. I love my 1/4 inch foot too! Those 10 sisters blocks look great, I love the color combo!

    ps. Having a husband can sometimes be like having a pet;) Thanks for linking up!


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  11. I've been reading up on your blog. I'm pretty sure we're kindred spirits. Or something. Same name, same hobbies, same career paths...



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