Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Week and Argyled QAL Update

A few updates, interspersed with my current WIPS:

FMQing the machine cover! Hope to finish the whole thing soon! I'll talk about my inspiration in another post.

  •  This week I had the opportunity to present my quilts to 4 first grade classes. They are going to be quilting when we get back from Spring Break, and they were SO excited! I had 45 minutes each time to show them many of my quilts and pictures. Maybe their words can explain their excitement better than mine:

1st grade boy: THAT IS SO COOL!!!
1st grade girl: I'm going to write all about this in my diary!

 Another shot.

And, all week, kids kept running up to me in the hallways to say, "I saw your quilts" or "Your quilts are so pretty!" Hopefully we'll have more talented quilters in our MQG in just a few years ;) But anyway, it's great to get kids excited about fabric and thread. Seriously. It just made me so happy :) One of the best parts - I inspired the art teacher to have them include labels on their quilts this year!

Tote bags in progress - more soon!

  • Finally, we are taking our first trip in 5 YEARS! We are going to visit family on both sides (up in Massachusetts and Maine) and we can't wait! I'll likely be posting a little, but I don't know if I'll have any blog reading time. That being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and if you have time off, happy sewing! I have some things ready to sew and embroider in the car (see Facets of Emerald peeking out? She needs a sleeve) :)


  1. Happy,love the quilting on your machine cover!

  2. Have a wonderful time away. Happy Easter.


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