Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 quiltiness, and what's ahead

2012 was a fantastically busy year... not necessarily at my sewing machine, though!

1. Bubble Trail baby quilt, 2. "Flying Purple People Eater", 3. "Yellow Umbrella" Mini Quilt, 4. Circus Tent mini quilt, 5. "Leaf Pile", 6. Luigi Pillow, 7. Sunset Over Prague Mini Quilt, 8. The Lost Valentine Mug Rug, 9. Black and blue clutch, 10. Pillow cover made for CJMQG swap, 11. Red, brown, white pennant banner, 12. "Always" - Harry Potter Embroidery, 13. Embroidered Hanukkah Dishtowels, 14. Nyan Cat Embroidery, 15. "Siriusly" - Harry Potter Embroidery

My highlights:
  • I was lucky enough to win the Baby Quilt category in the Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival for my Bubble Quilt, "Bubble Trail!" I was so ecstatic to hear! I have yet to make something with my winnings (next year?)
  • In November, I hosted the Sewing Confrontations series. Several people told me it inspired them to try something new, and even if it had only been one person, it made all the planning worth it!
  • I became the webmaster of the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, and have been running the blog since January! Right now we're talking about the MQG Madrona Road Challenge. I'm happy to say I will continue to be the webmaster in 2013, and, pending a vote next week, I'll also be Vice President! We did lots of swaps in our guild and I'm looking forward to more. I've made some great friends in the guild, too! Can't wait for our 2nd full year! I really enjoy our sewing get-togethers, too :) It's so fun to be involved with quilting online AND in the real world.
  • I was participated in the Modernista Homemade Swap (3rd round starts in early January), and I made some wonderful bloggy friends overall. Thank you all for being such friendly and amazing people :)
  • This year I got into embroidery! The projects I've done so far are at the bottom of the mosaic. Now that I have Aneela Hoey's new book, "Little Stitches," I think I'll always have an embroidery project on hand! Not much knitting lately, though. I'm itching to change that.
I also completed several commission t-shirt quilts. They look pretty together, don't they?

Outside of quilty life... like I said, it was BUSY. I graduated from college, we got married, and we moved into our first apartment! And I had a fantastically DIYed fall outdoor wedding :) (which took up much of the first half of the year to plan and make for!) (here are the posts for pre-wedding, ceremony, and reception if you're interested!) Whew!

What you can expect here at Quilty Habit in 2013:
  • A finished quilt by the 2nd week of January! I know, right? I'm excited too :)
  • My first quilt pattern, which will be part of 1 Choice 4 Quilting's book club in March! I'm so excited!! You can even buy a quilt kit to make it :) More soon...
  • Several tutorials, including a winter quilt (in at least three parts) and an HST butterfly block this spring
  • Likely a series on the color purple! More about that soon.
  • Finishing my wedding quilt!
  • I'm thinking about joining a BOM - either at Pile O' Fabric or Gen X Quilters. Or both :) As my friend Rachel has said to me, the worst I could do is waste some fabric...
  • More from Project Color My Apartment!
  • More t-shirt quilts already lined up! Plus, this summer, I'm going to rip my first one apart, add to it, and make it much more durable. I'm already nervous.
  • More geeky sewing (always) (teehee).
Also, in 2013...
  • I'm crossing my fingers for a full-time teaching job this year. Cross your fingers with me, won't you?
  • I'll be traveling more with my husband! We're already roadtripping over Easter break and planning our honeymoon for the summer!
  • Looking forward to a healthy, exercise-full, and happy year. :)
Christmas at Mike's Aunt's house
Happy New Year to everyone, and here's to a very quilty 2013!

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  1. I wish you much love, abundant joy, good health and tons of laughter...and a great deal of sewing time!

  2. Wow that is one busy year. Graduated and got married, two big life changing events :)

  3. Oooh, interested to hear more about this purple sew along! I've been using a lot of it this year. Thanks for linking up at Craft Buds, and I hope 2013 is a super-special year for you!

  4. Fabulous year! Exciting about your pattern being published ( and I love your bubble baby quilt, it is gorgeous). Happy new year!


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